C-PEAT data

C-PEAT members have published several data synthesis products since the inception of C-PEAT, including:

Charman et al. 2013 in Biogeosciences
Loisel et al. 2014 in Holocene (The database is publicly available at https://peatlands.lehigh.edu)
Treat et al. 2015 in JGR (doesn't acknowledge C-PEAT/PAGES, therefore not in PAGES Product Database)
Loisel et al. 2016 in Earth Science Reviews
Gallego-Sala et al. 2018 in Nature Climate Change

A few datasets and analyses are well underway as well:

Treat et al. In review (pre-Holocene peatlands)
Hugelius et al. In prep. (permafrost peatlands)
MacDonald et al. In prep. (fen-bog transition)

See all C-PEAT products here.