PIGS people and projects

Steering Committee

Chronis Tzedakis

Dominique Raynaud

Jerry McManus


Participants at 5th PIGS workshop in Louvin, Belgium from 4 - 6 March 2013

1. Yin (LLN)
2. Berger (LLN)
3. Crucifix (LLN)
4. Wolff (BAS)
5. Skinner (CAM)
6. Hodell (CAM)
7. Grimalt (CSIC)
8. Pol (BAS)
9. Abe Ouchi (U TOKYO)
10. Ganopolski (PIK)
11. Raymo (LDEO)
12. Brovkin (MPIM-HAM)
13. Kawamura (NIPR-JAPAN)
14. McManus (LDEO)
15. Raynaud (LGGE)
16. Tzedakis (UCL)

Associated Projects

IMAGES: International Marine Global Change Study

INQUA PALCOM: International Union for Quaternary Research Palaeoclimate Commission

IPICS: International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences

PALSEA2 and PALSEA: Paleo-constraints on sea-level rise

PMIP: Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project

If you would like your project to be associated with the PIGS Working Group, please contact one of the steering committee members.