2k Network Projects Guidelines

PAGES 2k Network builds on a network of projects, each one focused on preparing one or more publications, and each one proposed and run by 2k members. The projects will leverage the 2k scientific network to accomplish goals that are broader than achievable by individuals or small investigative teams. Below are guidelines on the structure and day-to-day running of 2k projects, and expectations for reporting and activity. Also included are instructions on how to initiate a 2k project via a proposal form. We encourage applicants to contact a PAGES 2k coordinator for assistance and advice as they draft their proposal.


2k projects are managed by leaders that direct their goals and activities. The PAGES 2k coordinators support the project leaders scientifically, help identifying synergies within or outside the 2k Network, and review the project progress based on brief annual reports. One 2k coordinator will act as a liaison person for the project. The PAGES International Project Office provides logistic support including a project website, a mailing list, and communication support (e.g. press releases).


No funding is provided for the setting-up and running of 2k projects. Projects are encouraged to achieve the bulk of their scientific activity “virtually” via web-based collaboration tools. However, limited funds are available for workshops. See below on how to apply for funding for a 2k workshop.

Work plan

2k projects are expected to sustain a certain minimum level of activity. This involves creating an active community, communicating regularly, holding (virtual) meetings, and generating group products. 2k projects should have clear goals and provide a timeline of the milestone events, products, and anticipated termination date. The submission of both short and focussed, as well as larger and longer, community projects is encouraged. All projects should be concluded by the end of 2k’s Phase 3, i.e. May 2020.

Proposing a 2k Network Project

Proposals for projects can be submitted at any time during the course of Phase 3 (from May 2017 to May 2021). Applicants are asked to fill and submit this proposal form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proposals are evaluated by the 2k coordinators. After proposal submission, the PAGES 2k coordinators will review the proposals against these guidelines and the instructions in the proposal form. The coordinators will work with the proposal applicants to refine projects, as needed. Following proposal acceptance, a project website will be created, marking the project start.

Specific guidelines

Advancing the science

2k Network Projects must:

- Engage in focused research that directly answers scientific questions prioritized in PAGES 2k’s Themes.
- Be open to participation of interested colleagues and ensure international group composition.
- Provide genuine avenues for participation by early career scientists and developing nations where possible.

Data management

PAGES 2k works closely with the PAGES Data Stewardship Integrative Activity to foster best practices in data stewardship, especially for research involving data compilation, analysis and synthesis. Compile data on the topic in an accessible format, and archive all used and published data in a public repository. More specifically, all of the essential data used in the analyses and generated as results must be made available through a public data repository where they can be tracked using a "Data Citation". A Data Citation is in addition to a conventional reference to the publication where the data are first described.
PAGES 2k projects must also comply PAGES' data guidelines.

Running the group

2k Network Projects must:

- Have dedicated leaders, ideally in the form of a team of two to three co-leaders. Leadership can rotate during the lifetime of the project.
- Maintain a project page on the PAGES 2k website, and ensure that the content is regularly updated.
- Publicly offer an opportunity for interested colleagues to stay informed e.g. a mailing list address on the website. PAGES can set up an email list if required.
- Communicate regularly to project participants with updates on status and plans, via meetings, email, the WG website, listservers, circulars, or social media.

Carrying the flag

2k Network Projects must:

- Clearly acknowledge the PAGES 2k Network in all projects products. e.g. "This is a contribution to the PAGES 2k Network [through the ###2k project]. Past Global Changes (PAGES) is supported by the Swiss Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences."
- Only products containing a proper acknowledgment can be recognized as PAGES' products.
- Inform the 2k coordinators when new project products are released.
- Provide a brief report to the 2k coordinators when requested.

The PAGES 2k coordinating committee looks forward to supporting the 2k community to achieve their scientific objectives.


Funding for 2k workshops

While the majority of interactions among and between the Phase 3 projects happens online and alongside larger conferences, limited funding is available from PAGES for face-to-face meetings. The 2k coordinators issue calls for applications, review them and make supporting recommendations for consideration by the PAGES Scientific Steering Committee. The 2k coordinators can give specific advice on, and assist with, preparing workshop applications.

How and when to submit an application

Only official 2k projects can apply for funding, which they can do by submitting a proposal to Sarah Eggleston (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Application template (MS Word) here.


To be considered for PAGES' support, applications should meet the following criteria:
- Relevance to PAGES' 2k goals and themes
- International participation
- Open i.e. offering an opportunity for interested colleagues to register or submit an application
- Encouraging the participation of early-career scientists (until ca. 5 years after PhD) and those from developing countries (including BRICS countries).

All applications should be submitted at least six months before the planned event date, to allow for wide promotion to the paleo community. Exceptions will be considered by PAGES' Executive Committee.

PAGES support of 2k workshops is in the order of US$ 2000-10,000 per event.