ARAMATE - The reconstruction of ecosystem and climate variability in the north Atlantic region using annually resolved archives of marine and terrestrial ecosystems


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The goal of ARAMATE is to investigate the mechanisms of ecosystem variability in the North Atlantic region over the past two thousand years.

aramate fig 1
Annually resolved increments in marine and terrestrial proxies: Clockwise from top left: Tree rings (photo H.D.Grissino-Mayer), hinge part of a bivalve shell (photo Paul Butler), speleothem (photo from, fish otolith (photo Bryan Black)

This research will be developed in the context of climatic reconstructions and PAGES syntheses of the past two thousand years in the region, and will enhance this understanding with results from high resolution (annual or higher) marine and terrestrial proxy archives, historical documents and instrumental records.

The high resolution marine records currently being developed in the PAGES2K Network project MULTICHRON will form an important source for our research, as will existing terrestrial proxies including tree-rings, lake sediments and speleothem records.

In addition, we will identify existing documentary archives of ecosystem variability such as records of seabird populations, fisheries and phytoplankton.

Our aim is to:

(i) identify suitable archives and sources of data that can be used for multiproxy reconstructions of one or more ecosystem or climate variable;

(ii) develop at least one high profile paper reconstructing ecosystem and climate change in the North Atlantic region over a period of up to 2,000 years, as well as other papers covering data-model integration and some of the more spatially and temporally constrained aspects of the system.


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