Phase 2 data

Metadatabase of the temperature records collected during Phase 2 of the 2k Project. This global database includes 692 records from 648 locations, with data sources covering all continents and oceans. Data were selected and vetted by members of the 2k consortium, according to a consistent and transparent set of criteria. This database was released in the open access journal Scientific Data (PAGES 2k Consortium 2017). Find more information about the data and collection process in the paper FAQs, here.

This database can downloaded from the NOAA Paleo archive and FigShare.

You can search the database by keyword here.

Name Oldest (year) Youngest (year) Archive type Elevation Proxy Variable Link
2k Phase 2 global
-6742 1995 borehole 1370 borehole temperature
Gulf of Maine
2k Phase 2 global
1033 2003 bivalve -30 d18O d18O
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