Focus 2 - Themes

Focus 2 was structured into four themes. Three of the themes were differentiated by their distinct temporal scope and associated temporal resolution. The fourth theme was methodological in nature.

Last Glacial Cycle

Reconstructing the last glacial-interglacial transition, in particular rapid cooling events during deglaciation and early Holocene, towards understanding regional environmental dynamics associated with rapid climate change. ... more


Towards understanding of regional climate responses to slowly varying changes in the climate system, and clarification of how climatic and environmental variability relate to solar and volcanic forcing, sea ice and ocean thermohaline circulation changes. ... more

Last 2 Millennia

Understanding of regional patterns, sensitivity and variability from regional climate reconstructions of the last 2 millennia. This is achieved through a network of regional working groups. ... more

Reconstruction Methods

Towards a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of reconstruction procedures to reduce uncertainties and biases, ultimately leading to a more accurate knowledge of past climate. ... more