Lake Suigetsu




Wakasa Bay, Honshu Island, central Japan

Lake type:


Category: mixed varves


0 m asl

Max depth:

34 m

Surface area:

4.3 km2

Length of record:

60,000 years

Archive type:

lacustrine sediments

Author of images:


Nakagawa, T. and Suigetsu 2006 project members (2014). High-precision sampling of laminated sediments: strategies from Lake Suigetsu. PAGES News 22 (1), 12-13

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Site images

Lake Suigetsu ('Suigetsu-ko') is a tectonic lake, situated close to the Sea of Japan coast at Wakasa Bay, Honshu Island, central Japan. > max. resolution

The upper ~46 m of the Lake Suigetsu sediment profile demonstrates distinct lamination and represents sediment deposition spanning approximately the last 60,000 years. > max. resolution

The varves are composed of alternating layers of diatom-rich sediment and Mn-enriched siderite [(Fe,Mn)CO3] deposited predominantly after lake overturn in autumn. > max. resolution

Visible tephra in the Lake Suigetsu sediment archive. > max. resolution