Lago Plomo



Lake type:


Category: clastic varves


203 m asl

Max depth:

200 m

Length of record:

1500 years

Archive type:

lacustrine sediments

Author of images:

Julie Elbert


Elbert J, Grosjean M, von Gunten L, Urrutia R, Fischer D, Wartenburger R, Ariztegui D, Fujak M 2012) Quantitative high-resolution winter (JJA) precipitation reconstruction from varved sediments of Lago Plomo 47°S, Patagonian Andes, AD 1530-2001. The Holocene, 22: 465-474

Link to reference or DOI:

Scanned macroscopic image of resin embedded sediment from Lago Plomo (a). Microscopic image and elemental maps derived from XRF scanning of resin embedded sediment slabs (b). Elemental maps show Fe/Si and Fe/Ca ratios, respectively. Light layers in the photography have higher relative Fe contents and darker layers are enriched in Si and Ca. > max. resolution