Lake Van




eastern Anatolia

Lake type:

tectonic lake

Category: endogenic varves


1648 m asl

Surface area:

3755 km2

Length of record:

14615 years

Archive type:

lacustrine sediments

Author of images:

Mona Stockhecke


Stockhecke M, Anselmetti FS, Meydan AF, Odermatt D, Sturm M (2012) The annual particle cycle in Lake Van (Turkey). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 333-334, 148-159.

Link to reference or DOI:

Five core photographs of sub-mm thinly laminated carbonaceous clayey silt from different depths of the Alat Ridge composite profile: A. 2A_2H_1 13-33 cm, B. 2E_6H_2 36-56 cm, C. 2D_9H_3 82-102 cm, D. 2D_39A_2 104-124, E. 2D_46A_1 28-48 cm. The laminated intervals refer to different interglacial or interstadial sections. > max. resolution