Meerfelder Maar




West Eifel Volcanic Field

Lake type:

volcanic (maar)

Category: mixed varves


336 m asl

Max depth:

18 m

Surface area:

0.248 km2

Catchment area:

1.27 km2

Length of record:

12700 years

Archive type:

lacustrine sediments

Author of images:

Achim Brauer


Brauer, A., Haug, G.H., Dulski, P., Sigman, D.M., Negendank, J.F.W., 2008. An abrupt wind shift in western Europe at the onset of the Younger Dryas cold period. Nature Geoscience 1, 520-523.

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Site images

Aerial photography of Meerfelder Maar > max. resolution

Microphotography of minerogenic varves of Younger Dryas age from Meerfelder Maar – the scale represents 1 mm > max. resolution