Nar Gölü



Lake type:

volcanic lake

Category: endogenic varves


1363 m asl

Length of record:

1701 years

Archive type:

lacustrine sediments

Author of images:

Neil Roberts


Woodbridge, J. and Roberts, N. (2011) Late Holocene climate of the Eastern Mediterranean inferred from diatom analysis of annually-laminated lake sediments. Quaternary Science Reviews. 30 (23–24), 3381-3392.

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Varved sediment from Lake Nar (Turkey). The thin section micrograph from NAR 01/02 is illustrating carbonate (appears grey/white), diatom bloom of Stephanodiscus parvus (pale yellow) and organic layer (brown) over 2-3 varve layers. Note that diatom bloom layers do not occur every year. > max. resolution

Thin sections from Nar Lake, Turkey, highlight the different seasonality of diatom blooms and their differing relationship with carbonate precipitation. One blooming taxon (Nitzschia paleacea) always immediately precedes carbonate precipitation; the other (Synedra acus) does not. > max. resolution