Northern Dalmatia

Lake type:

proglacial lake (fossil)

Category: clastic varves


5 m asl

Archive type:

lacustrine sediments

Author of images:

Ljerka Marjanac


Adzic, I., Marjanac, T., Marjanac, L., 2012. Varved lacustrine sediments in the South Velebit Channel, Croatia. Terra Nostra 2012/1: 15-20.

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Site images

The site of Zdrilo is located today next to the Velebit Channel, a former valley flooded by the postglacial sealevel rise. > max. resolution

Laminated lacustrine sediments comprise light to dark brown silt laminas in alteration with white to light grey clayey laminas. Boundaries between silt and clay laminas are sharp. Silt laminas are 1-111 mm thick. The clay laminas are considerably thinner with thicknesses between 1 and 30 mm. Silt and clay laminas are often further differentiated implying variations in depositional processes. > max. resolution

Section of 15 cm thickness. Numbers indicate varves: a couplet consists of a winter layer (white) and spring/summer layer (grey). #3 is a complex varve, probably formed during a year with several freezing and thaw periods. A-winter layer; B-spring layer; C-summer/autumn layer. Arrows point to the autumn/winter boundary with frequent fossil leaves. > max. resolution

Another detail of this record. The scale is in cm. > max. resolution