Special issues

Special issues (and all of the articles) emerging from PAGES groups, projects, or meetings. Only special issues acknowleding PAGES or the Working Group are listed.

Special issues emerging from PAGES activities.
Individual articles within the special issues.
Name Author Journal Year Image
Alluvial fans as an effect of long-term man–landscape interactions and moist climatic conditions: A case study from the Glubczyce Plateau, SW Poland
Special issue articles
Zygmunt E Geomorphology 2009
19th century glacier representations and fluctuations in the central and western European Alps: An interdisciplinary approach
Special issue articles
Zumbühl HJ, Steiner D & Nussbaumer SU Global and Planetary Change 2008
Mid-Holocene sea-level highstand along the Southeast Coast of China
Special issue articles
Zong Y Quaternary International 2004
Human and climatic impact on the environment as derived from colluvial, fluvial and lacustrine archives—examples from the Bronze Age to the Migration period, Germany
Special issue articles
Zolitschka B, Behre K-E & Schneider J Quaternary Science Reviews 2003
Use of paleo-records in determining variability within the volcanism–climate system
Special issue articles
Zielinski GA Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Chemical Weathering of Detrital Sediments in the Taklamakan Desert, Northwestern China
Special issue articles
Zhu B & Yang X Geographical Research 2009
Interannual polar motion with relation to the North Atlantic Oscillation
Special issue articles
Zhou Y, Zheng D, Zhao M & Chao BF Global and Planetary Change 1998
The East Asian Summer Monsoon at mid-Holocene: results from PMIP3 simulations
Special issue articles
Zheng W, Wu B, He J & Yu Y Climate of the Past 2013
Onset of aridity in southern Western Australia—a preliminary palaeomagnetic appraisal
Special issue articles
Zheng H, Wyrwoll K-H, Li Z & Powell CM Global and Planetary Change 1998
Late Holocene vegetation and climate oscillations in the Qaidam Basin of the northeastern Tibetan Plateau
Special issue articles
Zhao Y, Yu Z, Liu X, Zhao C, Chen F & Zhang K Quaternary Research 2010
Holocene peatland initiation, lateral expansion, and carbon dynamics in the Zoige Basin of the eastern Tibetan Plateau
Special issue articles
Zhao Y, Tang Y, Yu Z, Li H, Yang B, Zhao W, Li F & Li Q... The Holocene 2014
Boreal Summer Continental Monsoon Rainfall and Hydroclimate Anomalies Associated With the Asian-Pacific Oscillation
Special issue articles
Zhao P, Wang B & Zhou X Climate Dynamics 2012
Climatic implications of fruit and seed assemblage from Miocene of Yunnan, southwestern China
Special issue articles
Zhao L-C, Wang Y-F, Liu C-J & Li C-S Quaternary International 2004
Mid-pliocene Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation not unlike modern
Special issue articles
Zhang Z-S, Nisancioglu KH, Chandler MA, Haywood AM, Otto-Bliesner BL, Ramstein G, Stepanek C, Abe-Ou... Climate of the Past 2013
Evidence of a geological event and environmental change in the catchment area of the Yellow River at 0.15 Ma
Special issue articles
Zhang Z, Wang S, Yang X, Jiang F, Shen J & Li X Quaternary International 2004
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