Resilience and Restoration of Soft-Bottom Near-Shore Ecosystems; Salt Lakes: Salinity, Climate Change and Salinisation

Eds: van Langevelde F, Prins H, Tibby J, Gell P, Radke L & Reid M

Hydrobiologia, vol. 591(1), 1-234, 2007

This special issue came out of the PAGES Focus 4 LIMPACS (Human Impacts on Lake Ecosystems) workshop ‘Salinity, Climate Change and Salinisation’ held in Mildura, Australia, 30 September – 3 October, 2004.

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> Differences in regeneration between hurricane damaged and clear-cut mangrove stands 25 years after clearing [p.35]
Ferwerda J, Ketner P & McGuinness K

> The impact of regulation and salinisation on floodplain lakes: the lower River Murray, Australia [p.135]
Gell P, Tibby J, Little F, Baldwin D & Hancock G

> LIMPACS––Human and Climate Interactions with Lake Ecosystems: setting research priorities in the study of the impact of salinisation and climate change on lakes, 2005–2010 [p.99]
Gell P, Fritz S, Battarbee R & Tibby J

> Diatom–salinity relationships in wetlands: assessing the influence of salinity variability on the development of inference models [p.207]
Tibby J, Gell P, Fluin J & Sluiter I

> Influence of groundwater on the evaporative evolution of saline lakes in the Wimmera of south-eastern Australia [p.185]
Radke L & Howard K

> Palaeolimnological evidence for the independent evolution of neighbouring terminal lakes, the Murray Darling Basin, Australia [p.117]
Fluin J, Gell P, Haynes D, Tibby J & Hancock G

> Linking land to ocean: feedbacks in the management of socio-ecological systems in the Great Barrier Reef catchments [p.25]
Gordon I

> Satellite-based monitoring of tropical seagrass vegetation: current techniques and future developments [p.59]
Ferwerda J, Leeuw Jd, Atzberger C & Vekerdy Z

> Utilization of seagrass habitats by juvenile groupers and snappers in Banten Bay, Banten Province, Indonesia [p.85]
Nuraini S, Carballo E, van Densen W, Machiels M, Lindeboom H & Nagelkerke L

> Impact of solid shrimp pond waste materials on mangrove growth and mortality: a case study from Pak Phanang, Thailand [p.47]
Vaiphasa C, de Boer W, Skidmore A, Panitchart S, Vaiphasa T, Bamrongrugsa N & Santitamnont P

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