Past, Recent, and Future Climate-Change Impacts on Hydrologic and Environmental Variability in Selected Regions of Asia

Eds: Fritz SC & Gell PA

Quaternary International, vol. 212(1), 1-76, 2010

This special issue is the outcome of a LIMPACS workshop (Focus 4) on past environmental variability and water resources in arid and semi-arid regions held from 11-14 April 2007 in Nanjing, China.

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> Past, recent, and future climate-change impacts on hydrologic and environmental variability in selected regions of Asia [p.1]
Fritz SC & Gell PA

> Stable isotope and ostracode species assemblage evidence for lake level changes of Nam Co, southern Tibet, during the past 600 years [p.2]
Wrozyna C, Frenzel P, Steeb P, Zhu L, Geldern Rv, Mackensen A & Schwalb A

> Environmental change and human activities during the 20th century reconstructed from the sediment of Xingyun Lake, Yunnan Province, China [p.14]
Zhang H, Li S, Feng Q & Zhang S

> Lacustrine radiocarbon reservoir ages in Co Ngoin and Zigê Tangco, central Tibetan Plateau [p.21]
Wu Y, Li S, Lücke A, Wünnemann B, Zhou L, Reimer P & Wang S

> Equilibrium-line altitudes of the present and Last Glacial Maximum in the eastern Nepal Himalayas and their implications for SW monsoon climate [p.26]
Asahi K

> Major ion chemistry of waters in Lake Qinghai catchments, NE Qinghai-Tibet plateau, China [p.35]
Xu H, Hou Z, An Z, Liu X & Dong J

> Lake water changes in response to climate change in northern China: Simulations and uncertainty analysis [p.44]
Yu G, Shen H

> Simulation of regional temperature and precipitation in the past 50 years and the next 30 years over China [p.57]
Liu Y, Li X, Zhang Q, Guo Y, Gao G & Wang J

> Trends in seasonal and annual rainfall and rainy days in Kashmir Valley in the last century [p.64]
Kumar V & Jain SK

> Varying strength of the relationship between tree-rings and summer month moisture index (April–September) over Central India: A case study [p.70]
Ram S, Borgaonkar HP & Sikder AB

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