Integrating High-Resolution Past Climate Records for Future Prediction in the Australasian Region

Eds: Turney C, Kershaw P & Lynch A

Journal of Quaternary Science, vol. 21(7), 679-801, 2006

Special issue emerging from the the Australasian past climates workshop in June 2005.

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> Reconstructing El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) from high-resolution palaeoarchives [p.707]
Gergis J, Braganza K, Fowler A, Mooney S & Risbey J

> Development and testing of transfer functions for generating quantitative climatic estimates from Australian pollen data [p. 723]
Cook EJ & van der Kaars S

> The vegetation history of the last glacial–interglacial cycle in eastern New South Wales, Australia [p.735]
Williams NJ, Harle KJ, Gale SJ & Heijnis H

> Integration of ice-core, marine and terrestrial records for the Australian Last Glacial Maximum and Termination: a contribution from the OZ INTIMATE group [p.751]
Turney CSM, Haberle S, Fink D, Kershaw AP, Barbetti M, Barrows TT, Black M, Cohen TJ, Corrège T, Hesse PP, Hua Q, Johnston R, Morgan V, Moss P, Nanson G, Ommen Tv, Rule S, Williams NJ, Zhao J-X, D'Costa D, Feng Y-X, Gagan M, Mooney S & Xia Q

> Late Quaternary palaeoceanography of the Circumpolar Deep Water from the South Tasman Rise [p.763]
Moy AD, Howard WR & Gagan MK

> Extension of New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis) tree-ring chronologies into Oxygen Isotope Stage (OIS) 3 [p.779]
Palmer J, Lorrey A, Turney CSM, Hogg A, Baillie M, Fifield K & Ogden J

> Time-slice analysis of the Australian summer monsoon during the late Quaternary using the Fast Ocean Atmosphere Model [p.789]
Marshall AG & Lynch AH

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