Paleomonsoon Variations and Terrestrial Environmental Change

Eds: Kroepelin S & Petit-Maire N

Global and Planetary Change, vol. 26(1-3), 1-316, 2000

This special issue includes 18 articles based on papers presented by internationally renown quaternarists at the Berlin (1995) and Siwa (1997) "Paleomonsoons" meetings. It is a contribution to the Paleomonsoons Project of INQUA and PAGES, in coordination with several other international programmes such as the Pole-Equator-Pole Transects (PEP I–III), the International Decade of East African Lakes (IDEAL) and the Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project (PMIP).

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> Paleomonsoon variations and terrestrial environmental change during the late Quaternary [p.vii]
Kröpelin S & Petit-Maire N

> Holocene palaeoclimates in northwestern Sudan: stable isotope studies on molluscs [p.1]
Abell PI & Hoelzmann P

> Modern and palaeo-modelling in the Great Sand Sea of Egypt (initial results from the Cologne Cooperative Research Project 389) [p.13]
Besler H

> Pollen-inferred precipitation time-series from equatorial mountains, Africa, the last 40 kyr BP [p.25]
Bonnefille R & Chalié F

> Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum African monsoon changes as simulated within the Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project [p.51]
Braconnot P, Joussaume S, Noblet Nd & Ramstein G

> Loess accumulation and soil formation in Kaokoland (Northern Namibia) as indicators of Quaternary climatic change [p.67]
Brunotte E & Sander H

> Site-specific high-resolution models of the monsoon for Africa and Asia [p.77]
Bryson RA & Bryson RU

> Factors favouring precipitation in North Africa: seen from the viewpoint of present-day climatology [p.85]
Geb M

> Holocene non-orbital climatic events in present-day arid areas of northern Africa and China [p.97]
Guo Z, Petit-Maire N & Kröpelin S

> Precipitation estimates for the eastern Saharan palaeomonsoon based on a water balance model of the West Nubian Palaeolake Basin [p.105]
Hoelzmann P, Kruse H-J & Rottinger F

> Last Glacial Maximum lacustrine and fluviatile Formations in the Tibesti and other Saharan mountains, and large-scale climatic teleconnections linked to the activity of the Subtropical Jet Stream [p.121]
Maley J

> The nature of rainfall variability over Africa on time scales of decades to millenia [p.137]
Nicholson SE

> Long-term temporal characteristics of palaeomonsoon dynamics in equatorial Africa [p.159]
Olago DO, Street-Perrott FA, Perrott RA, Ivanovich M, Harkness DD & Odada EO

> The Pleistocene/Holocene transition in South Africa: evidence for the Younger Dryas event [p.173]
Abell PI & Plug I

> Seasonality in the early Holocene climate of Northwest Sudan: interpretation of Etheria elliptica shell isotopic data [p.181]
Rodrigues D, Abell PI & Kröpelin S

> Abrupt retreat of summer monsoon at the S1/L1 boundary in China [p.189]
Rousseau D-D & Kukla G

> The terrestrial mollusks as new indices of the Asian paleomonsoons in the Chinese loess plateau [p.199]
Rousseau D-D, Wu N & Guo Z

> Evidence for environmental conditions during the last 20 000 years in Southern Africa from 13C in fossil hyrax dung [p.207]
Scott L & Vogel JC

> Processes controlling trace element geochemistry of Arabian Sea sediments during the last 25,000 years [p.217]
Sirocko F, Garbe-Schönberg D & Devey C

> Late Quaternary environments in the White Nile region, Sudan [p.305]
Williams MAJ, Adamson D, Cock B & McEvedy R

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