Rapid-Warming Project

Eds: Ammann B & Oldfield F

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol. 159(3-4), 191-366, 2000

This special issue outlining some key findings from the project, informally called the ‘Rapid Warming Project' the goal of which is to assess the qualitative and quantitative responses of various groups of organisms to rapid climatic changes in the past.

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> Rapid-Warming Project [p.v]
Ammann B & Oldfield F

> Biotic responses to rapid climatic changes: Introduction to a multidisciplinary study of the Younger Dryas and minor oscillations on an altitudinal transect in the Swiss Alps [p.191]
Ammann B

> Oxygen isotopes of lake marl at Gerzensee and Leysin (Switzerland), covering the Younger Dryas and two minor oscillations, and their correlation to the GRIP ice core [p.203]
Schwander J, Eicher U & Ammann B

> Isotope signature of the Younger Dryas and two minor oscillations at Gerzensee (Switzerland): palaeoclimatic and palaeolimnologic interpretation based on bulk and biogenic carbonates [p.215]
Grafenstein Uv, Eicher U, Erlenkeuser H, Ruch P, Schwander J & Ammann B

> Vegetational response to climatic changes recorded in Swiss Late Glacial lake sediments [p.231]
Wick L

> Macrofossils as records of plant responses to rapid Late Glacial climatic changes at three sites in the Swiss Alps [p.251]
Tobolski K & Ammann B

> Late-glacial fossil midge stratigraphies (Insecta: Diptera: Chironomidae) from the Swiss Alps [p.261]
Brooks SJ

> Response of the chydorid faunas to rapid climatic changes in four alpine lakes at different altitudes [p.281]
Hofmann W

> Lateglacial and Early Holocene insect assemblages from sites at different altitudes in the Swiss Alps—implications on climate and environment [p.293]
Lemdahl G

> Quantification of biotic responses to rapid climatic changes around the Younger Dryas — a synthesis [p.313]
Ammann B, Birks HJB, Brooks SJ, Eicher U, Grafenstein Uv, Hofmann W, Lemdahl G, Schwander J, Tobolski K & Wick L

> Younger Dryas and Allerød summer temperatures at Gerzensee (Switzerland) inferred from fossil pollen and cladoceran assemblages [p.349]
Lotter AF, Birks HJB, Eicher U, Hofmann W, Schwander J & Wick L

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