The Multi-Proxy Late-Pleistocene and Holocene Record from the Sediments of the Grand Lac d'Annecy, Eastern France

Eds: Oldfield F & Berthier F

Journal of Paleolimnology, vol. 25(2), 133-269, 2001

This special issue presents research started in 1992 on sediments from a deep core from the Grand Lac d’Annecy, France, along with initial results from parallel studies based on a range of shorter cores. This work was under a former PAGES Focus on Human Interactions in Past Global Changes and the former PEP III (Pole-Equator-Pole transect through Europe and Africa) Working Group.

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> The multi-proxy late-Pleistocene and Holocene record from the sediments of the Grand Lac d'Annecy, eastern France [p.133]
Oldfield F & Berthier F

> The lacustrine depression at Annecy (France), geological setting and Quaternary evolution [p.137]
Nicoud G & Manalt F

> The late Quaternary sedimentary infill of Lake Annecy (northwestern Alps): an overview from two seismic-reflection surveys [p.149]
Beck C, Rensbergen PV, Batist MD, Berthier F, Lallier S & Manalt F

> Chronology and depositional processes of the laminated sediment record from Lac d'Annecy, French Alps [p.163]
Brauer A & Casanova J

> Evolution of clay mineral assemblages and organic matter in the late glacial-Holocene sedimentary infill of Lake Annecy, (northwestern Alps): paleoenvironmental implications [p.179]
Manalt F, Beck C, Disnar J-R, Deconinck J-F & Recourt P

> The environmental significance of magnetic measurements of Late Pleistocene and Holocene sediments from the Grand Lac d'Annecy, eastern France [p.193]
Hu Y, Oldfield F, Manalt F & Beck C

> Evolution of the trophic state of Lake Annecy (eastern France) since the last glaciation as indicated by iron, manganese and phosphorus speciation [p.205]
Loizeau J-L, Span D, Coppee V & Dominik J

> Early and late Holocene water-level fluctuations of Lake Annecy, France: sediment and pollen evidence and climatic implications [p.215]
Magny M, Marguet A, Chassepot GH & Billaud Y

> Human impact and soil erosion during the last 5000 yrs as recorded in lacustrine sedimentary organic matter at Lac d'Annecy, the French Alps [p. 229]
Noël H, Garbolino E, Brauer A, Lallier-Vergès E, Beaulieu J-Ld & Disnar J-R

> Preliminary reconstruction of sediment-source linkages for the past 6000 yr at the Petit Lac d'Annecy, France, based on mineral magnetic data [p.245]
Dearing J, Hu Y, Doody P, James PA & Brauer A

> Palyno- and chronostratigraphy of a long sequence from Lac d'Annecy (northern outer Alps, France) [p.259]
David F, Farjanel G & Jolly MP

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