Late Pleistocene and Holocene Climate and Geoarchaeology - International Conference on Past Global Changes (PAGES)

Eds: Catto N, Chlachula J & Kadlec J

Quaternary International, vol. 89(1), 1-178, 2002

This special issue is a compilation of contributions from the International Conference on Past Global Changes held 6–9 September 2000 in Prague, Czech Republic. These contributions focus on areas outside of Europe. A companion volume focuses on European research.

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> Late Pleistocene and Holocene Climate and Geoarchaeology International Conference on Past Global Changes (PAGES) Praha, September 2000 [p.1]
Catto N

> Paleoclimatic record of speleothems in a tropical region: study of laminated sequences from a Holocene stalagmite in Central–West Brazil [p.3]
Bertaux J, Sondag F, Santos R, Soubiès F, Causse C, Plagnes V, Cornec FL & Seidel A

> Archaeological constraints on some geological interpretations of a Late Wisconsinan site at Varsity Estates, Calgary, Alberta [p.17]
Chlachula J

> Chronostratigraphy of aeolianites from the Sharon Coastal Plain of Israel [p.31]
Frechen M, Neber A, Dermann B, Tsatskin A, Boenigk W & Ronen A

> Geochemistry of the Lisan and Damya Formations in Jordan, and implications for palaeoclimate [p.45]
Landmann G, Qudaira GMA, Shawabkeh K & V Wrede SK

> Radiocarbon dates and the Late Quaternary palaeogeography of the Province of the Eastern Cape, South Africa [p.59]
Lewis CA

> The nature of ‘stone-lines’ in the African Quaternary record: archaeological resolution at the rainforest site of Mosumu, Equatorial Guinea [p.71]
Mercader J, Martı́ R, Martı́nez JL & Brooks A

> Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic records from permafrost deposits in the Arctic region of Northern Siberia [p.97]
Schirrmeister L, Siegert C, Kuznetsova T, Kuzmina S, Andreev A, Kienast F, Meyer H & Bobrov A

> Late Quaternary sedimentation history of the Lena Delta [p.119]
Schwamborn G, Rachold V & Grigoriev MN

> Late Pleistocene palaeolakes in the Andean and Extra-Andean Patagonia at mid-latitudes of South America [p.135]
Tatur A, Valle Rd, Bianchi M-M, Outes V, Villarosa G, Niegodzisz J & Debaene G

> Geomorphic evidence for late Quaternary environmental change from the eastern Great Karoo margin, South Africa [p.151]
Thomas DS, Holmes PJ, Bateman MD & Marker ME

> Holocene environmental history of western Ymer Ø, East Greenland, inferred from lake sediments [p.165]
Wagner B & Melles M

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