Late Quaternary Climate Change in the New Zealand Region

Eds: Dodson J & Schulmeister J

Global and Planetary Change, vol. 33(3-4), 205-362, 2002

This special issue contains ten papers on PAGES-related work in New Zealand, with a particular focus on the former PEP II (Pole-Equator-Pole transect through Australasia) Working Group.

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> Introduction: PAGES research in New Zealand [p.205]
Dodson J & Schulmeister J

> A multi-millennial palaeoclimatic resource from Lagarostrobos colensoi tree-rings at Oroko Swamp, New Zealand [p.209]
Cook ER, Palmer JG, Cook BI, Hogg A & D'Arrigo RD

> Tephrostratigraphy and geochronology of a ca. 120 ka terrestrial record at Lake Poukawa, North Island, New Zealand [p.221]
Shane P, Lian OB, Augustinus P, Chisari R & Heijnis H

> Glaciations, interglaciations and reworked microfossils in Poukawa Basin, New Zealand [p.243]
Harper MA & Collen JD

> Phytolith analysis and paleoenvironmental reconstruction from Lake Poukawa Core, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand [p.257]
Carter JA

> Vegetation changes and their climatic implication for the late Pleistocene at Lake Poukawa, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand [p.269]
Okuda M, Shulmeister J & Flenley JR

> A Holocene and latest Pleistocene pollen record from Lake Poukawa, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand [p.283]
McGlone MS

> Quaternary vegetation and climate changes on Banks Peninsula, South Island, New Zealand [p.301]
Soons JM, Moar NT, Shulmeister J, Wilson HD & Carter JA

> Late Glacial beech forest: an 18,000–5000-BP pollen record from Auckland, New Zealand [p.315]
Lancashire AK, Flenley JR & Harper M

> A dated pollen record of vegetation change on Mayor Island (Tuhua) throughout the last 3000 years [p.329]
Empson L, Flenley J & Sheppard P

> Source, sea level and circulation effects on the sediment flux to the deep ocean over the past 15 ka off eastern New Zealand [p.339]
Lionel Carter, Barbara Manighetti, Mike Elliot, Noel Trustrum, Basil Gomez

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