Reconstruction and Modeling of Grass-Dominated Ecosystems

Eds: Wooller MJ & Beuning KR

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol. 177(1-2), 1-214, 2002

Number of pages: 214

The papers in this special issue were presented at the first Paleo-Grassland Research workshop (PGR 2000), held in Westbrook, USA from 1-3 June 2000. The workshop was co-sponsored by PAGES.

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> Introduction to the reconstruction and modeling of grass-dominated ecosystems [p.1]
Wooller MJ & Beuning K

> On the interpretation of fossil Poaceae pollen in the lowland humid neotropics [p.5]
Bush MB

> South and southeast Brazilian grasslands during Late Quaternary times: a synthesis [p.19]
Behling H

> Pollen-based biome reconstructions for the past 450 000 yr from the Funza-2 core, Colombia: comparisons with model-based vegetation reconstructions [p.29]
Marchant R, Boom A & Hooghiemstra H

> Grassland development under glacial and interglacial conditions in southern Africa: review of pollen, phytolith and isotope evidence [p.47]
Scott L

> The origin and spread of grass-dominated ecosystems in the late Tertiary of North America: preliminary results concerning the evolution of hypsodonty [p.59]
Strömberg CAE

> Reconstruction of the late Pleistocene grassland of the Columbia basin, Washington, USA, based on phytolith records in loess [p.77]
Blinnikov M, Busacca A & Whitlock C

> Holocene paleoenvironments in southeastern Minnesota – chasing the prairie-forest ecotone [p.103]
Baker RG, Bettis EA, Denniston RF, Gonzalez LA, Strickland LE & Krieg J

> Changes in graminoid stomatal morphology over the last glacial–interglacial transition: evidence from Mount Kenya, East Africa [p.123]
Wooller MJ & Agnew ADQ

> Reconstruction of a subalpine grass-dominated ecosystem, Lake Rutundu, Mount Kenya: a novel multi-proxy approach [p.137]
Ficken KJ, Wooller MJ, Swain DL, Street-Perrott FA & Eglinton G

> CO2- and temperature-controlled altitudinal shifts of C4- and C3-dominated grasslands allow reconstruction of palaeoatmospheric pCO2 [p.151]
Boom A, Marchant R, Hooghiemstra H & Damsté JSS

> Effects of charring on the carbon isotopic composition of grass (Poaceae) epidermis [p.169]
Beuning KRM & Scott JE

> The origins and evolution of the North American grassland biome: the story from the hoofed mammals [p.183]
Janis CM, Damuth J & Theodor JM

> Pedogenic carbonate cutans on clasts in soils as a record of history of grassland ecosystems [p.199]
Pustovoytov KE

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