PAST Gateways (Palaeo-Arctic Spatial and Temporal Gateways)

Eds: Ó Cofaigh C, Briner JP, Kirchner N, Lucchi RG & Meyer H

Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 147, 1-434, 2016

The special issue includes three papers that resulted from the Arctic Holocene Transitions project, which is a PAGES endorsed group. Author Darrell Kaufman worked on the AHT project while a visiting scientist at PAGES IPO.

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> PAST Gateways (Palaeo-Arctic Spatial and Temporal Gateways): Introduction and overview [p.1]
Ó Cofaigh C, Briner JP, Kirchner N, Lucchi RG, Meyer H & Kaufman DS

> Holocene climate changes in eastern Beringia (NW North America) – A systematic review of multi-proxy evidence [p.312]
Kaufman DS, Axford YL, Henderson ACG, McKay NP, Oswald WW, Saenger C, Anderson RS, Bailey HL, Clegg B, Gajewski K, Hu FS, Jones MC, Massa C, Routson CC, Werner A, Wooller MJ & Yu Z

> Holocene climate change in Arctic Canada and Greenland [p.340]
Briner JP, McKay NP, Axford Y, Bennike O, Bradley RS, de Vernal A, Fisher D, Francus P, Fréchette B, Gajewski K, Jennings A, Kaufman DS, Miller G, Rouston C & Wagner B

> North Atlantic-Fennoscandian Holocene climate trends and mechanisms [p.365]
Sejrup HP, Seppä H, McKay NP, Kaufman DS, Geirsdóttir A, de Vernal A, Renssen H, Husum K, Jennings A & Andrews JT

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