Marine and Freshwater Research

Eds: Finlayson M

Marine and Freshwater Research, vol. 66(11), 2015

This special issue of Marine and Freshwater Research contains papers emerging from the PAGES-supported meeting: "Ramsar Wetlands: Detecting Change in Ecological Character" held in Queenscliff, Australia from 6-8 November 2013.

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> Determining change in aquatic ecosystems [p.i]
Finlayson CM

> Long-term ecological trends of flow-dependent ecosystems in a major regulated river basin [p.957]
Colloff MJ, Caley P, Saintilan N, Pollino CA & Crossman ND

> A commentary on 'Long-term ecological trends of flow-dependent ecosystems in a major regulated river basin', by Matthew J. Colloff, Peter Caley, Neil Saintilan, Carmel A. Pollino and Neville D. Crossman [p.970]
Kingsford RT, MacNally R, King A, Walker KF, Bino G, Thompson R, Wassens S & Humphries P

> New opportunities for conservation of a threatened biogenic habitat: a worldwide assessment of knowledge on bivalve-reef representation in marine and coastal Ramsar Sites [p.981]
Kasoar T, zu Ermgassen PSE, Carranza A, Hancock B & Spalding M

> Effects of gear type, entrance size and soak time on trap efficiency for freshwater crayfish Cherax destructor and C. albidus [p.989]
Brown P, Hunt TL & Giri K

> Reproductive capacity of a marine species (Octopus tetricus) within a recent range extension area [p.999]
Ramos JE, Pecl GT, Semmens JM, Strugnell JM, Leon RI & Moltschaniwskyj

> Importance of predation and viral lysis for bacterial mortality in a tropical western Indian coral-reef ecosystem (Toliara, Madagascar) [p.1009]
Bouvy M, Got P, Bettarel Y, Bouvier T, Care C, Roques C, Rodier M, Lope JC & Arfi R

> Range and habitat associations of the native macroalga Caulerpa filiformis in New South Wales, Australia [p.1018]
Glasby TM, Gibson PT, West G, Davies P & Voerman S

> Electroreception in the obligate freshwater stingray, Potamotrygon motoro [p.1027]
Harris LL, Bedore CN & Kajiura SM

> Glassfish switch feeding from thalassinid larvae to crab zoeae after tidal inundation of saltmarsh [p.1037]
McPfee JJ, Freewater P, Gladstone W, Platell ME & Schreider MJ

> Significant genetic structure despite high vagility revealed through mitochondrial phylogeography of an Australian freshwater turtle (Chelodina longicollis) [p.1045]
Hodges K, Donnellan S & Georges A

> Low survival rather than breeding success explains little penguin population decline on Granite Island [p.1057]
Colobelli-Negrel D

> Phylogenetic diversity within the endemic brown trout Duero lineage: implications for conservation and management [p.1066]
Vera M, Garcia-Marin, Martinez P & Bouza C

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