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Abrupt onset and termination of the African Humid Period:: rapid climate responses to gradual insolation forcing
Special issue articles
de Menocal P, Ortiz J, Guilderson T, Adkins J, Sarnthein M, Baker L & Yarusinsky M... Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Abrupt retreat of summer monsoon at the S1/L1 boundary in China
Special issue articles
Rousseau D-D & Kukla G Global and Planetary Change 2000
Accumulation of particulate organic carbon at the Eurasian continental margin during late Quaternary times: controlling mechanisms and paleoenvironmental significance
Special issue articles
Stein R, Boucsein B, Fahl K, Garcia de Oteyza T, Knies J & Niessen F... Global and Planetary Change 2001
Accumulation reconstruction and water isotope analysis for 1736–1997 of an ice core from the Ushkovsky volcano, Kamchatka, and their relationships to North Pacific climate records
Special issue articles
Sato T, Shiraiwa T, Greve R, Seddik H, Edelmann E & Zwinger T... Climate of the Past 2014
ADVANCE-10K: a European contribution towards a hemispheric dendroclimatology for the Holocene
Special issue articles
Briffa KR & Mathews JA The Holocene 2002
Against the tide: the freshening of naturally saline coastal lakes, southeastern South Australia
Special issue articles
Haynes D, Gell P, Tibby J, Hancock G & Goonan P Hydrobiologia 2007
Age Structure and Growth Pattern of an Endangered Species, Amentotaxus formosana Li
Special issue articles
Lin C, Chan M-H, Chen F-S & Wang Y-N Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 2007
Agricultural impacts on ecosystem functioning in temperate areas of North and South America
Special issue articles
Guerschman JP & Paruelo JM Global and Planetary Change 2005
Agricultural sustainability in the semi-arid Near East
Special issue articles
Hole F Climate of the Past 2007
Alluvial fans as an effect of long-term man–landscape interactions and moist climatic conditions: A case study from the Glubczyce Plateau, SW Poland
Special issue articles
Zygmunt E Geomorphology 2009
Altitudinal changes of summer air temperature trends in the Romanian Carpathians based on serially correlated models
Special issue articles
Croitoru A-E, Drignei D, Burada DC, Dragotă CS & Imecs Z... Quaternary International 2016
Amazonian and neotropical plant communities on glacial time-scales: The failure of the aridity and refuge hypotheses
Special issue articles
Colinvaux PA, De Oliveira PE & Bush MB Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
An analysis of long-term rainfall variability, trends and groundwater availability in the Mulunguzi river catchment area, Zomba mountain, Southern Malawi
Special issue articles
Ngongondo CS Quaternary International 2006
An ecological economics framework for assessing environmental flows: the case of inter-basin water transfers in Lesotho
Special issue articles
Matete M & Hassan R Global and Planetary Change 2005
An examination of the taxonomic status of the fragmentary mandible Sangiran 5, (Pithecanthropus dubius), Homo erectus, “Meganthropus”, or Pongo?
Special issue articles
Tyler DE Quaternary International 2004
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