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Diffusive equilibration of N2, O2 and CO2 mixing ratios in a 1.5-million-years-old ice core
Special issue articles
Bereiter B, Fischer H, Schwander J & Stocker TF The Cryosphere 2014
Spatial–temporal dynamics of chemical composition of surface snow in East Antarctica along the Progress station–Vostok station transect
Special issue articles
Khodzher TV, Golobokova LP, Osipov EY, Shibaev YA, Lipenkov VY, Osipova OP & Petit JR... The Cryosphere 2014
Net accumulation rates derived from ice core stable isotope records of Pío XI glacier, Southern Patagonia Icefield
Special issue articles
Schwikowski M, Schläppi M, Santibañez P, Rivera A & Casassa G... The Cryosphere 2013
Gas diffusivity and permeability through the firn column at Summit, Greenland: measurements and comparison to microstructural properties
Special issue articles
Adolph AC & Albert MR The Cryosphere 2014
Impact of physical properties and accumulation rate on pore close-off in layered firn
Special issue articles
Gregory SA, Albert MR and Baker I The Cryosphere 2014
Influence of regional precipitation patterns on stable isotopes in ice cores from the central Himalayas
Special issue articles
Pang H, Hou S, Kaspari S & Mayewski PA The Cryosphere 2014
Testing long-term summer temperature reconstruction based on maximum density chronologies obtained by reanalysis of tree-ring data sets from northernmost Sweden and Finland
Special issue articles
Matskovsky VV & Helama S Climate of the Past 2014
Mid-Pliocene East Asian monsoon climate simulated in the PlioMIP
Special issue articles
Zhang R, Yan Q, Zhang ZS, Jiang D, Otto-Bliesner BL, Haywood AM, Hill DJ, Dolan AM, Stepanek C, Lohm... Climate of the Past 2013
Mid-Holocene ocean and vegetation feedbacks over East Asia
Special issue articles
Tian Z & Jiang D Climate of the Past 2013
The 15th century Arctic warming in coupled model simulations with data assimilation
Special issue articles
Crespin E, Goosse H, Fichefet T & Mann ME Climate of the Past 2009
Southern westerlies in LGM and future (RCP4.5) climates
Special issue articles
Chavaillaz Y, Codron F & Kageyama M Climate of the Past 2013
A model–data comparison for a multi-model ensemble of early Eocene atmosphere–ocean simulations: EoMIP
Special issue articles
Lunt DJ, Jones TD, Heinemann M, Huber M, LeGrande A, Winguth A, Loptson C, Marotzke J, Roberts CD, T... Climate of the Past 2012
Model sensitivity to North Atlantic freshwater forcing at 8.2 ka
Special issue articles
Morrill C, LeGrande AN, Renssen H, Bakker P & Otto-Bliesner BL... Climate of the Past 2013
Strong asymmetry of hemispheric climates during MIS-13 inferred from correlating China loess and Antarctica ice records
Special issue articles
Guo ZT, Berger A, Yin QZ & Qin L Climate of the Past 2009
Pleistocene glacial variability as a chaotic response to obliquity forcing
Special issue articles
Huybers P Climate of the Past 2009
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