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Dust deposition tracks late-Holocene shifts in monsoon activity and the increasing role of human disturbance in the Puna-Altiplano, northwest Argentina
Special issue articles
Hooper J, Marx SK, May J-H, Lupo LC, Kulemeyer JJ, de los Á Pereira E, Seki O, Heijnis H, Child D, G... The Holocene 2020
Modern Analogue Approach Applied to High-Resolution Varved Sediments—A Synthesis for Lake Montcortès (Central Pyrenees)
Special issue articles
Vegas-Vilarrúbia T, Rull V, Trapote MC, Cao M, Rosell-Melé A, Buchaca T, Gomà J, López P, Sigró J, S... Quaternary 2020
14 kyr of atmospheric mineral dust deposition in north-eastern China: A record of palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental changes in the Chinese dust source regions
Special issue articles
Pratte S, Bao K, Sapkota A, Zhang W, Shen J, Le Roux G & De Vleeschouwer F... The Holocene 2020
Statistical modeling of rates and trends in Holocene relative sea level
Special issue articles
Ashe EL, Cahill N, Hay C, Khan NS, Kemp A, Engelhart SE, Horton BP, Parnell AC & Kopp RE... Quaternary Science Reviews 2019
Synchronous droughts and floods in the Southern Chinese Loess Plateau since 1646 CE in phase with decadal solar activities
Special issue articles
Yu X, Wang Y, Yu S & Kang Z Global and Planetary Change 2019
A palaeolimnological perspective to understand regime-shift dynamics in two Yangtze-basin lakes
Special issue articles
Min X, Rong W, Xuhui D & Xiangdong Y Biology Letters 2019
Climatic and social factors behind the Spanish Mediterranean flood event chronologies from documentary sources (14th–20th centuries)
Special issue articles
Barriendos M, Gil-Guirado S, Pino D, Tuset J, Pérez-Morales A, Alberola A, Costa J, Balasch JC, Cast... Global and Planetary Change 2019
Convergent human and climate forcing of late-Holocene flooding in Northwest England
Special issue articles
Schillereff DN, Chiverrell RC, Macdonald N, Hooke JM, Welsh KE, Piliposian G & Croudace IW... Global and Planetary Change 2019
A 500-year flood history of the arid environments of southeastern Spain. The case of the Almanzora River
Special issue articles
Sánchez-García C, Schulte L, Carvalho F & Peña JC Global and Planetary Change 2019
A 2000 year record of palaeofloods in a volcanically-reset catchment: Whanganui River, New Zealand
Special issue articles
Fuller IC, Macklin MG, Toonen WHJ, Turner J & Norton K... Global and Planetary Change 2019
Holocene floods in a complex fluvial wetland in central Spain: Environmental variability, climate and time
Special issue articles
Santisteban JI, Mediavilla R, Galán de Frutos L & López Cilla I... Global and Planetary Change 2019
Dust deposition drives microbial metabolism in a remote, high-elevation catchment
Special issue articles
Bigelow A, Mladenov N, Lipson D & Williams M The Holocene 2020
Holocene atmospheric dust deposition in NW Spain
Special issue articles
Martínez Cortizas A, López-Costas O, Orme L, Mighall T, Kylander ME, Bindler R & Gallego Sala A... The Holocene 2020
Atmospheric dust dynamics in southern South America: A 14-year modern dust record in the loessic Pampean region
Special issue articles
Cosentino NJ, Gaiero DM, Torre G, Pasquini AI, Coppo R, Arce JM & Vélez G... The Holocene 2020
Dust-drought interactions over the last 15,000 years: A network of lake sediment records from the San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Special issue articles
Arcusa SH, McKay NP, Routson CC & Munoz SE The Holocene 2020
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