Late Holocene climate and environmental change inferred from Arctic lake sediment

Eds: Kaufman DS

Journal of Paleolimnology, vol. 41(1), 2009

Number of pages: 242

The special issue, comprising 15 articles, is a contribution to the International Polar Year and the PAGES Arctic2k Working Group.

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> Summer temperatures during the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age inferred from varved proglacial lake sediments in southern Alaska [p.117]
Loso MG

> Five thousand years of sediment transfer in a high arctic watershed recorded in annually laminated sediments from Lower Murray Lake, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada [p.77]
Cook TL, Bradley RS, Stoner JS & Francus P

> Quantitative summer-temperature reconstructions for the last 2000 years based on pollen-stratigraphical data from northern Fennoscandia [p.43]
Bjune AE, Seppä H, Birks HJB

> An overview of late Holocene climate and environmental change inferred from Arctic lake sediment [p.1]
Kaufman DS

> Climate of the Little Ice Age and the past 2000 years in northeast Iceland inferred from chironomids and other lake sediment proxies [p.7]
Axford Y, Geirsdóttir A, Miller GH & Langdon PG

> A 2000 year varve-based climate record from the central Brooks Range, Alaska [p.25]
Bird BW, Abbott MB, Finney BP & Kutchko B

> A 2000 year record of climatic change at Ongoke Lake, southwest Alaska [p.57]
Chipman ML, Clarke GH, Clegg BF, Gregory-Eaves I & Hu FS

> A 2000 year record of climate variations reconstructed from Haukadalsvatn, West Iceland [p.95]
Geirsdóttir A, Miller GH, Thordarson T & Ólafsdóttir KB

> Paleolimnological evidence of the response of the central Canadian treeline zone to radiative forcing and hemispheric patterns of temperature change over the past 2000 years [p.129]
MacDonald GM, Porinchu DF, Rolland N, Kremenetsky KV & Kaufman DS

> Holocene climate and glacier variability at Hallet and Greyling Lakes, Chugach Mountains, south-central Alaska [p.143]
McKay NP & Kaufman DS

> Pollen-based reconstructions of late Holocene climate from the central and western Canadian Arctic [p.161]
Peros MC & Gajewski K

> A 2000 year midge-based paleotemperature reconstruction from the Canadian Arctic archipelago [p.177]
Porinchu DF, MacDonald GM & Rolland N

> Late Holocene storm-trajectory changes inferred from the oxygen isotope composition of lake diatoms, south Alaska [p.189]
Schiff CJ, Kaufman DS, Wolfe AP, Dodd J & Sharp Z

> Climate of the past millennium inferred from varved proglacial lake sediments on northeast Baffin Island, Arctic Canada [p.209]
Thomas EK & Briner JP

> Sedimentary pellets as an ice-cover proxy in a High Arctic ice-covered lake [p.225]
Tomkins JD, Lamoureux SF, Antoniades D & Vincent WF

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