Ecological resilience: from theory to empirical observations using long-term datasets

Biology Letters, 2021

This special feature "Ecological resilience: from theory to empirical observations using long-term datasets" was organized by the PAGES EcoRe3 Working Group.


> Special feature: measuring components of ecological resilience in long-term ecological datasets
Seddon AWR (2021)


> Identifying drivers of forest resilience in long-term records from the Neotropics
Adolf C, Tovar C, Kühn N, Behling H, Berrío JC, Dominguez-Vázquez G, Figueroa-Rangel B, Gonzalez-Carranza Z, Islebe GA, Hooghiemstra H, Neff H, Olvera-Vargas M, Whitney B, Wooller MJ & Willis KJ (2020)

> Palaeo-trajectories of forest savannization in the southern Congo
Aleman JC, Blarquez O, Elenga H, Paillard J, Kimpuni V, Itoua G, Issele G & Staver AC (2019)

> Resilience: nitrogen limitation, mycorrhiza and long-term palaeoecological plant–nutrient dynamics
Bonsall MB, Froyd CA & Jeffers ES (2020)

> Detecting past changes in vegetation resilience in the context of a changing climate
Calder WJ & Shuman B (2019)

> Resilience of lake biogeochemistry to boreal-forest wildfires during the late Holocene
Chipman ML & Hu FS (2019)

> Long-term fire resilience of the Ericaceous Belt, Bale Mountains, Ethiopia
Gil-Romera G, Adolf C, Benito BM, Bittner L, Johansson MU, Grady DA, Lamb HF, Lemma B, Fekadu M, Glaser B, Mekonnen B, Sevilla-Callejo M, Zech M, Zech W & Miehe G (2019)

> Unveiling tipping points in long-term ecological records from Sphagnum-dominated peatlands
Lamentowicz M, Gałka M, Marcisz K, Słowiński M, Kajukało-Drygalska K, Druguet Dayras M & Jassey VEJ (2019)

> A palaeolimnological perspective to understand regime-shift dynamics in two Yangtze-basin lakes
Min X, Rong W, Xuhui D & Xiangdong Y (2019)

> Stable or seral? Fire-driven alternative states in aspen forests of western North America
Morris JL, DeRose RJ, Brussel T, Brewer S, Brunelle A & Long JN (2019)

Category: Special issues