Modern Analogue Approach Applied to High-Resolution Varved Sediments—A Synthesis for Lake Montcortès (Central Pyrenees)

Vegas-Vilarrúbia T, Rull V, Trapote MC, Cao M, Rosell-Melé A, Buchaca T, Gomà J, López P, Sigró J, Safont E, Cañellas N, Garcés-Pastor S, Giralt S, Corella JP, Pérez-Zanón N

Eds: Zolitschka B & Tylmann W

Quaternary, vol. 3(1), 1, 2020

This paper is a contribution to the Varves Working Group, a former PAGES working group and now a PAGES' endorsed group. It is also a contribution to the special issue "Annually Laminated Lake Sediments".

Category: Special issue articles