A 13,600-Year Diatom Oxygen Isotope Record from the South Carpathians (Romania)

Reflection of Winter Conditions and Possible Links with North Atlantic Circulation Changes Original Research Article

Magyari EK, Demény A, Buczkó K, Kern Z, Vennemann T, Fórizs I, Vincze I, Braun M, Kovács JI, Udvardi B & Veres D

Quaternary International, vol. 293, 136-149, 2013


This paper is part of a special issue (Advancing Pleistocene and Holocene Climate Change Research in the Carpathian-Balkan Region) which resulted from a workshop co-sponsored by PAGES: "Climate Change in the Balkan-Carpathian region during the Late Pleistocene & Holocene" held in Romania in June 2011.

Category: Special issue articles