Climate and Long-Term Human Impact on Sediment Fluxes in Watershed Systems

Eds: Houben P, Wunderlich J & Schrott L

Geomorphology, vol. 108(1-2), 1-144, 2009

This special issue is a contribution by the PAGES LUCIFS Working Group.

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> Climate and long-term human impact on sediment fluxes in watershed systems [p.1]
Houben P, Wunderlich J & Schrott L

> Fluvial processes, morphology and sediment budgets in the Coon Creek Basin, WI, USA, 1975–1993 [p.8]
Trimble SW

> A temporarily changing Holocene sediment budget for a loess-covered catchment (central Belgium) [p.24]
Verstraeten G, Rommens T, Peeters I, Poesen J, Govers G & Lang A

> From sedimentary records to sediment budgets: Multiple approaches to catchment sediment flux [p.35]
Brown AG, Carey C, Erkens G, Fuchs M, Hoffmann T, Macaire JJ, Moldenhauer KM, Walling DE

> Land-use changes and longer-term human–environment interactions in a mountain region (Sudetes Mountains, Poland) [p.48]
Latocha A

> Alluvial fans as an effect of long-term man–landscape interactions and moist climatic conditions: A case study from the Glubczyce Plateau, SW Poland [p.58]
Zygmunt E

> Long-term development of Holocene and Pleistocene gullies in the Protva River basin, Central Russia [p.71]
Panin AV, Fuzeina JN & Belyaev VR

> Colluvial and alluvial response to land use change in Midland England: An integrated geoarchaeological approach [p.92]
Brown AG

> Lütschine fan delta response to climate variability and land use in the Bernese Alps during the last 2400 years [p.107]
Schulte L, Veit H, Burjachs F & Julià R

> Anthropogenic acceleration of sediment accretion in lowland floodplain wetlands, Murray–Darling Basin, Australia [p.122]
Gell P, Fluin J, Tibby J, Hancock G, Harrison J, Zawadzki A, Haynes D, Khanum S, Little F & Walsh B

> A carbon storage perspective on alluvial sediment storage in the Rhine catchment [p.127]
Hoffmann T, Glatzel S & Dikau R

> Evaluation of prehistoric land use intensity in the Rhenish Loessboerde by canonical correspondence analysis—A contribution to LUCIFS [p.138]
Lechterbeck J, Kalis AJ & Meurers-Balke J


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