Retrospective Views on Our Planet's Future - PAGES Open Science Meeting 2009

Eds: Kiefer T, Otto-Bliesner BL, Whitlock C & Wolff E

Climate of the Past, 2010

This special issue emerged from the 3rd PAGES Open Science Meeting in July 2009 in Corvallis, USA.

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> Solar-forced shifts of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies during the Holocene [p.339]
Varma V, Prange M, Lamy F, Merkel U & Schulz M

> Perturbing phytoplankton: response and isotopic fractionation with changing carbonate chemistry in two coccolithophore species [p.771]
Rickaby REM, Henderiks J & Young JN

> Questions of importance to the conservation of biological diversity: answers from the past [p.759]
Willis KJ & Bhagwat SA

> Past dynamics of the Australian monsoon: precession, phase and links to the global monsoon concept [p.695]
Beaufort L, van der Kaars S, Bassinot FC & Moron V

> Holocene land-cover reconstructions for studies on land cover-climate feedbacks [p.483]
Gaillard MJ, Sugita S, Mazier F, Trondman AK, Broström A, et al.

> Coral Cd/Ca and Mn/Ca records of ENSO variability in the Gulf of California [p.401]
Carriquiry JD & Villaescusa JA

> Millennial and sub-millennial scale climatic variations recorded in polar ice cores over the last glacial period [p.345]
Capron E, Landais A, Chappellaz J, Schilt A, Buiron D, Dahl-Jensen D, Johnsen SJ, Jouzel J, Lemieux-Dudon B, Loulergue L, Leuenberger M, Masson-Delmotte V, Meyer H, Oerter H & Stenni B

> Water vapour source impacts on oxygen isotope variability in tropical precipitation during Heinrich events [p.325]
SC Lewis, AN LeGrande, M Kelley, GA Schmidt

> Patterns of millennial variability over the last 500 ka [p.295]
Siddall M, Rohling EJ, Blunier T & Spahni R

> A unified proxy for ENSO and PDO variability since 1650 [p.1]
McGregor S, Timmermann A & Timm O

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