Annual records of tropical systems

Dunbar R and Cole J eds.

, 1999

From Dunbar R and Cole J eds. (1999) PAGES ARTS Report 99-1.

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Caption: Tropical SST's and locations of current coral paleoclimate research. Mean January SST map from NMC SST data was available at; coral sites represent the work of many investigators and may be incomplete. Records that extend beyond about 120 years are shown in magenta; gray circles represent both sites where long records are in progress and shorter published records. Numbered sites are: 1. Galápagos; 2. Panamá (Chiriquí); 3. Tarawa (Kiribati); 4. Kiritimati Island (Line Islands, Kiribati); 5. Nauru; 6. Vanuatu; 7. New Caledonia; 8. Abraham Reef, Great Barrier Reef; 9. Cebu, Philippines; 10. Seychelles; 11. Malindi, Kenya; 12. Bermuda. These records have the potential to provide seasonally resolved records of changing sea surface temperature and salinity. Among other things, they help to provide a reconstruction of ENSO variability beyond the instrumental and documentary record which shows that the ENSO mode has changed in terms of both periodicity and amplitude on decadal to century timescales.

R. Dunbar and J. Cole eds. (1999) Annual Records of Tropical Sysytems (ARTS) Recommendations for Research, PAGES Workshop Report, Series 99-1, 72 pgs.

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