Widespread rapid event 8200 years ago

von Graffenstein et al.

, 1998

Modified from von Graffenstein et al. (1998) Climate Dynamics 14: 73-81.

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Caption: This figure shows (a) accumulation and (b) temperature records in the Greenland GISP2 ice core and (c) temperature records derived from oxygen isotope measurements on ostracod tests in the sediments of Ammersee, southern Germany. These records show a climatic instability event which occurred around 8200 years BP, during the Holocene. The event was large both in magnitude, as reflected by a temperature signal in Greenland of order 5°C, and in its geographical extent, as indicated by the close correlation of the signal in these two locations. The dramatic event is also seen in the methane record from Greenland (not shown here) indicating possible major shifts in hydrology and land cover in lower latitudes.

Von Graffenstein et al (1998) "The cold event 8200 years ago documented in oxygen isotope records of precipitation in Europe and Greenland" Climate Dynamics, 14, 73-81.

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