Projet Scientifique et plan d'aménagement: PANASH (Paléoclimates des Hémisphères Nord et Sud) - Les transversales Pole-Equateur-Pole


Docum. Lab. Géol, Lyon., vol. 146, 1997Publisher:

"Les Documents", Centre des Sciences de la Terre, Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I

Number of pages: 119


Translated from English by Arnauld Desandère, advice from Dr Suzanne Leroy.

Science and implementation plans for the PANASH focus (Paleoclimate and Environments of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres). The aim of the PANASH focus was to reconstruct climate and environments of the past, using a multiproxy data and modeling approach, along three Pole-Equator-Pole (PEP) terrestrial transects: PEP I: The Americas Transect, PEP II: The Austral-Asian Transect, PEP III: The Afro-European Transect. This document is also available in English and Chinese.

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Category: Science plans