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PAGES - Past Global Changes - e-news, vol. 2018, no. 7


1. Fed up with paper?
2. Propose a new PAGES working group

3. Working Group news
4. Recent products
5. PAGES Early-Career Network updates
6. Working Group meetings and deadlines
7. PAGES-supported and endorsed meetings
8. PAGES People Database
9. PEGASuS 2 - Call for research projects

10. Submit abstracts to PAGES sessions at AGU Fall Meeting 2018
11. EGU 2019 - Call for session proposals

12. IPCC updates
13. Future Earth updates
14. WCRP updates


1. Fed up with paper?

Important! Please respond! Do you receive, or have access to, a hard copy of the Past Global Changes Magazine? PAGES is currently assessing its finances and would like to hear from you if you think we should continue printing the magazine, or if you would be happy to read it online. All previous issues are available here:

PAGES thanks those who have already responded. Your preferences have been noted. For those who haven't shared your thoughts, please send feedback by 31 August, using the subject line "Survey - Past Global Changes Magazine", to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2. Propose a new PAGES working group

Does your heart pound for paleoscience? Know others who feel the same? Propose a new PAGES' working group to address a scientific question in an internationally coordinated way. The application deadline is Thursday 4 October at 17:00 UTC. You must contact a member of the PAGES Scientific Steering Committee to discuss your plans at least two weeks before you submit the proposal.​ Applications received without SSC member notification will not be looked upon favorably:

3. Working Group news

i. 2k Network: Read about the group's latest news in the 19th circular, available under the "2k Network circulars" heading on the working group home page:

ii. C-SIDE: The program for the group's first meeting, to be held from 24-26 October 2018 in Vancouver, Canada, is now available. See point 6 below for all details.

iii. GloSS: The preliminary program for the group's third and final meeting, to be held from 18-20 October 2018 in Koblenz, Germany, is now available. See point 6 below for all details.

iv. GPWG2: Global Paleofire leaders Julie Aleman, Olivier Blarquez and Boris Vannière are guest editors for a special issue of the journal Fire, on "Land-Use and Fire around the World from the Past to the Present". They seek articles dealing with aboriginal fire uses, assessment of long-term influence of societies on fire regimes and how this knowledge could be used for ecosystem management. Deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 January 2019. All details:

v. LandCover6k: ECR financial support deadline 31 July to attend the next workshop from 24-28 September 2018 in Sitges, Spain. See point 6 below for all details.

vi. PALSEA: Save the date! The next PALSEA meeting will be held 21-23 July 2019, prior to the INQUA Congress, at Trinity College, Dublin, UK. It will focus on refining proxy-based reconstructions of past sea level, as well as a focus on open-access datasets. Further details will be circulated within the next few months. Follow the PALSEA group here:

vii. SISAL: SISAL needs a regional coordinator for South America. Please get in touch with Michael Deininger if you'd like to know what's involved in this role:

viii. Attention PAGES working group leaders:
Do you have a confirmed session at an upcoming international conference or meeting, such as the AGU Fall Meeting 2018 in Washington, USA, or the 20th INQUA Congress in Dublin, Ireland, in 2019? Please email PAGES' Communications Officer so the details can be added to the calendar entries.
b. The deadline for the next round of applications for PAGES financial meeting support is Thursday 4 October at 17:00 UTC. This call is only open to current PAGES working groups. Applications should be submitted at least six months before the planned event date, to allow for wide promotion to the paleo community. The working group's designated SSC liaison must be contacted at least two weeks before the proposal is submitted to advise them of the group's plans:

4. Recent products

i. Warmer Worlds Integrative Activity: A recent Nature Geoscience paper from members of PAGES Warmer Worlds Integrative Activity stresses the urgency of reducing CO2 emissions to avert major environmental damages. It attracted widespread media attention:

ii. PALSEA2: The first contributions to the PALSEA special issue of Quaternary Science Reviews, titled "PALeo constraints on SEA level rise (PALSEA): ice-sheet and sea-level responses to past climate warming" are now available.
a. Maryam Yousefi et al. published "Glacial isostatic adjustment along the Pacific coast of central North America":
b. Haixian Xiong et al. published "Holocene sea-level history of the northern coast of South China Sea":

iii. The Early Pages Blog: a. Robyn Granger discusses the trials and errors in identifying foraminifera - tiny ocean-dwelling organisms that sometimes look like popcorn and are used as a proxy for reconstructing past climate:
b. Nick Schafstall talks about the mentoring scheme at the EGU and shares his tips on how to get the most out of a big conference with an overwhelming program:

5. PAGES Early-Career Network updates

i. For those attending the upcoming PAGES-supported AFQUA conference and workshops in Nairobi, Kenya, from 14-22 July, the ECN will host a Splinter Meeting on 18 July:

ii. PAGES' Global Paleofire Working Group 2 will hold a meeting from 4-7 September 2018 at Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) in Egham, UK. During the workshop an ECR discussion group, led by members of PAGES ECN, Dr. Donna Hawthorne (AOC Archaeology Group) and Dr. Carole Adolf (University of Oxford), will address science communication with the aim of writing a systematic review focusing on a topic around palaeofire and biodiversity-informed policy:

iii. The Early Pages Blog is looking for your contribution! They've started a discussion on a topic relevant to everyone in academia and particularly interesting for early-career researchers: The balance between work and personal life. If you would like to share your experience, views or advice on how to combine work and challenges of starting a family as an ECR, being a caregiver, keeping hobbies and healthy relationships, or any other relevant issues, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Contributions from both ECRs and senior researchers are welcome:

iv. To receive a more comprehensive list of ECN news and announcements, sign up to their mailing list:

6. Working Group meetings and deadlines

i. 2k Network: CLIVASH2k:
Climate variability in Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere over the past 2000 years
Cambridge, UK
4-5 September 2018
ECR financial support deadline: 3 August
Registration deadline: 17 August

ii. CRIAS:
1st workshop: Methods and Interdisciplinary Communication in Historical Climatology
Bern, Switzerland
1-2 October 2018
Deadline for registration without proposed paper: 20 September

iii. C-SIDE:
1st workshop: Developing Data and Modeling Capacity to Understand Past Changes in Sea Ice in the Southern Ocean
Vancouver, Canada
24-26 October 2018
Deadlines: TBA

iv. CVAS:
3rd workshop: Spatio-temporal scaling of forced and unforced variability across the Holocene: from proxies to process
Seattle, USA
24-26 October 2018
Deadlines: TBA

v. GloSS:
3rd database workshop
Koblenz, Germany
18-20 October 2018
Deadlines: TBA

vi. GPWG2:
a. African Fire History and Fire Ecology: Building Understanding and Capacity through Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange
Nairobi, Kenya
20-22 July 2018

b. Diverse knowledge systems for fire policy and biodiversity conservation
Egham, UK
4-7 September 2018

vii. LandCover6k:
Paleoclimate experiments to evaluate the impact of LULC on climate and the carbon cycle
Sitges, Spain
24-28 September 2018
ECR financial support deadline: 31 July

viii. OC3:
3rd and final workshop: Ocean circulation and carbon cycling during the last deglaciation: global synthesis
Cambridge, UK
6-9 September 2018

Joint cross-cutting initiative meeting: Climate, ice sheets and sea level during past interglacial periods
Galloway, NJ, USA
24-27 September 2018

3rd workshop: Analyses of the SISAL database: regional patterns in isotope signatures
Agadir, Morocco
8-12 October 2018

7. PAGES-supported and endorsed meetings

i. 2nd AFQUA International Conference
Nairobi, Kenya
14-22 July 2018

ii. INQUA-PAGES ECR joint workshop
Impacts of sea-level rise from past to future (iSLR)
Utrecht, The Netherlands
26-29 August 2018
Full program now available

iii. Conference on Past Plant Diversity Changes
Rabat, Morocco
1-5 October 2018

iv. GEOTRACES-PAGES joint workshop
Trace element and isotope proxies in paleoceanography: A synthesis workshop
Aix-Marseille, France
3-5 December 2018

8. PAGES People Database

PAGES would like to remind you that you can update/edit, view or delete your People Database account at anytime.
Visit the People Database and see our privacy policy:

9. PEGASuS 2 - Call for research projects

PAGES’ parent organization Future Earth is announcing PEGASuS 2, an open call for research projects that focus on synthesis research for ocean sustainability. Up to four working groups will be supported and will include one postdoctoral position. Deadline 6 August:

If you are eligible and want to propose a PEGASuS 2 working group, contact PAGES Executive Director Marie-France Loutre (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to discuss how PAGES can help you involve Future Earth Global Research Projects (GRPs) and Knowledge Action Networks (KANs).

10. Submit abstracts to PAGES sessions at AGU Fall Meeting 2018

Abstracts are due 1 August for the AGU Fall Meeting to be held in Washington DC, USA, from 10-14 December 2018. Several PAGES working groups will conduct sessions and the ECN will hold a Splinter Meeting.

2k Network - PP010: Climate of the Common Era (Session 49467)
2k Network - PP026: New perspectives on past climates: progress in proxy system modeling, reconstruction algorithms and uncertainty quantification (Session 52723)
PALSEA - PP033: Sea Level and Ice Sheet Reconstructions over Glacial Cycles (Session 47467)
VICS - GC093: Understanding the Climatic and Societal Impacts of Past and Future Explosive Volcanism (Session 52395)
All details:

11. EGU 2019 - Call for session proposals

Take an active part in organizing the scientific program and propose a session by 6 September 2018 for the next EGU General Assembly (7-12 April 2019, Vienna, Austria):

12. IPCC updates

a. SRCCL: The first order draft (FOD) of the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land is open for expert review until 5 August 2018, with registration closing 29 July. To become an expert reviewer, register here:

b. TG-Data: Formerly known as the Task Group on Data and Scenario Support for Impact and Climate Analysis (TGICA), TG-Data are currently accepting nominations for experts to serve as TG-Data Co-Chairs as well as members of the Task Group. Nominations must be sent to Future Earth by 6 August. All details:

c. IPCC Working Group deadlines: For your information, the following important deadlines are:
31 December 2019: Cut-off date for submitted papers to be cited in the Second Order Draft.
30 September 2020: Cut-off date for accepted papers to be cited in the Final Draft.
1 July 2020: Cut-off date for submitted papers to be cited in the Second Order Draft.
15 May 2021: Cut-off date for accepted papers to be cited in the Final Draft.

13. Future Earth updates

i. Call for Expressions of Interest (EoI) to host the International Project Office (IPO) of Future Earth Coasts (FEC): Internationally active coastal research institutions that support a multi-disciplinary approach towards the global sustainability agenda are hereby invited to submit an EoI to host the IPO of FEC, a Global Research Project of Future Earth. The IPO provides management support for the planning and implementation of FEC activities, coordination between the international networks of FEC scientists, and collaboration with related international projects and programs. Deadline 29 July:

ii. Be involved in Future Earth Australia: The recently launched project Future Earth Australia, led by Tayanah O’Donnell and hosted by the Australian Academy of Science, is a partnership between Australian universities and research institutes and industry, government and civil society, with the goal of advancing sustainability and equality in Australia and the region:

iii. Future Earth has collated a list of May's top global sustainability papers: The weight of the biosphere, 550 GtC, highest emitting 100 urban areas blast out 18% of emissions, and sneering, dismissive car dealers are hindering EV sales:

iv. Recent Future Earth monthly newsletter:

14. WCRP updates

i. Read the July 2018 WCRP News:

ii. WCRP Strategic Plan Public Consultation: The draft WCRP Strategic Plan 2019-2029 is now available for public consultation and comment. This opportunity to shape the next decade of climate research is open until 31 August:

iii. Call to host the WCRP International Project Office for the Climate and Cryosphere (CliC): Letters of intent to host the CliC IPO should be sent by 1 September:

iv. Nominations open for 2018 Data and Modeling Prizes: These two prizes for notable achievements in model and data development aim to honour, recognize, and foster research activities in their respective fields, as well as stress their mutual interdependence. Deadline 1 October:


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