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PAGES - Past Global Changes - e-news, vol. 2018, no. 1


1. New Past Global Changes Magazine
2. PAGES 5th Open Science Meeting videos online
3. 2k Network updates
4. Welcome to new SSC members and co-chair
5. Changes to PAGES funding
6. Recent products
7. Working Group news

. Working Group meetings and deadlines
9. PAGES-supported meetings
10. EGU abstract extension and mentors
Future Earth updates
12. WCRP updates
13. Endorsed and affiliated groups updates
14. Other relevant information


1. New Past Global Changes Magazine

"Centennial to Millennial Climate Variability" is available to read and download. Guest edited by Michel Crucifix, Anne de Vernal and Christian Franzke, this magazine shows how recent progress in our knowledge of past climates led us to revisit our ideas about the spectrum of natural climate variability.

Contributions highlight the concept of scaling laws, but also warn about pitfalls of paleoclimate time-series analysis. It is a product of PAGES' Climate Variability Across Scales (CVAS) working group. Hard copies will be posted soon. Access the online version here:

2. PAGES 5th Open Science Meeting videos online

Videos from PAGES 5th Open Science Meeting are now available on our YouTube Channel. Access all 50 videos, including plenary lectures and session recordings, here:

3. 2k Network updates

i. The next phase of PAGES' 2k Network continues to grow with the launch of three new projects:
ARAMATE focuses on the reconstruction of ecosystem and climate variability in the north Atlantic region using annually resolved archives of marine and terrestrial ecosystems:
CLIM-ARCH-DATE deals with integration of high resolution climate archives with archaeological and documentary evidence for the precise dating of maritime cultural and climatic events:
PALEOLINK aims to evaluate and develop new downscaling strategies that allows linking coarse Earth System Model simulations with climate reconstructions:

ii. The community is invited to join a teleconference to present the current status of the 2k initiative and its projects, and to discuss ideas and opportunities for new activities, products and collaborations. Anyone interested in PAGES 2k is welcome to join; no prior registration or prior participation in 2k activities are required. Join one of the conferences, either on 24 or 25 January:

4. Welcome to new SSC members and co-chair

At the start of the year, PAGES' Scientific Steering Committee welcomed two new members and farewelled three. Zhimin Jian from the Laboratory of Marine Geology at Tongji University, China, and early-career researcher Emilie Capron from University of Copenhagen, Denmark, joined the SSC. They replace outgoing members Liping Zhou, Janet Wilmshurst and co-chair Sheri Fritz. The new co-chair (joining Willy Tinner from Switzerland) is Mike Evans. We take this opportunity to again thank the outgoing members for their years of service:

5. Changes to PAGES funding

PAGES' funding situation is about to change. Since the organization's inception in 1991, the US National Science Foundation has provided half of our funding. The last round of US support will finish in August 2018. Until 2016, the Swiss National Science Foundation provided the other half. From 2017, Swiss support comes from the Swiss Academy of Sciences.

The International Project Office and Scientific Steering Committee are working on ways to boost our income via other funding sources. We may not be able to, at all times, financially support workshops at the level we would like. Nevertheless, IPO activities will continue, such as maintaining the website, advertising events, promoting working group products and publishing the Past Global Changes Magazine. If you have any suggestions for potential future funders, contact the IPO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. Recent products

i. 2k Network: a. Group leader Helen McGregor wrote a retrospective of the 2013 database article in Nature Geosciences:
b. The Hydro2k Consortium published its findings of hydroclimate variability and change over the Common Era in Climate of the Past:

ii. Aquatic Transitions: Members published a paper on first human impacts and responses of aquatic systems in The Anthropocene Review:

iii. LandCover6k: a. Members of the LandCover6k working group recently published a study on Anthropogenic land-cover change (ALCC) in Land:
b. The group, led by Neil Roberts, published "Europe’s lost forests: a pollenbased synthesis for the last 11,000 years" in Nature's Scientific Reports. Access paper and accompanying article here:

7. Working Group news

i. LandCover6k: a. The group calls for abstracts for their session (no.609, "From Local to Global Land Use in the Holocene") at the 24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Barcelona, Spain, from 5-8 September 2018. Deadline for abstract submission: 15 February:
b. Abstracts due 31 January for their session "Quantitative pollen-based reconstructions of plant cover for environmental and archaeological research" at the 10th European Palaeobotany & Palynology Conference in Dublin, Ireland, from 12-17 August 2018:

ii. PALSEA2: Group leader Andrea Dutton has been in the media recently. Find out more:

8. Working Group meetings and deadlines

i. C-PEAT:
Short-Term Peatland Patterns, Processes, and Sensitivity to Rapid Climate Change
College Station, TX, USA
May 2018 (dates TBA)
Registration and financial support deadlines: 26 February

ii. EcoRe3:
2nd workshop: Resilience, disturbance and functional traits
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
8-9 May 2018
Application deadline: 14 February

iii. GloSS:
Database meeting
Kanpur, India
5-7 March 2018 (originally advertised as sometime in April)
Deadlines: TBA

iv. GPWG2:
a. African Fire History and Fire Ecology: Building Understanding and Capacity through Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange
Nairobi, Kenya
20-22 July 2018
Deadlines: TBA

b. Diverse knowledge systems for fire policy and biodiversity conservation
Egham, UK
4-7 September 2018
Deadlines: TBA

v. LandCover6k:
European Land-use at 6000BP
Barcelona, Spain
21-23 May 2018
Deadlines: 10 February

vi. OC3:
3rd workshop: Ocean circulation and carbon cycling during the last deglaciation: global synthesis
Cambridge, UK
13-16 September 2018
Deadlines: TBA

Joint cross-cutting initiative meeting: Climate, ice sheets and sea level during past interglacial periods
Galloway, NJ, USA
24-27 September 2018
Deadlines: TBA

viii. PEOPLE 3000:
Increasing population, social complexity, climate change and why societies might fail to cope with these interrelated forces
San Rafael, Argentina
13-18 May 2018
Abstracts due: 1 March

ix. SISAL:
3rd workshop: Analyses of the SISAL database: regional patterns in isotope signatures
Agadir, Morocco
8-12 October 2018
Deadlines: TBA

9. PAGES-supported meetings

i. 2nd AFQUA International Conference
Nairobi, Kenya
14-22 July 2018

ii. INQUA-PAGES ECR joint workshop
Impacts of sea-level rise from past to future (iSLR)
Utrecht, The Netherlands
26-29 August 2018
Deadlines: 28 February

iii. GEOTRACES-PAGES joint workshop
Trace element and isotope proxies in paleoceanography: A synthesis workshop
Aix-Marseille, France
3-5 December 2018
Deadlines: TBA

10. EGU abstract extension and mentors

The General Assembly 2018 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) takes place in Vienna, Austria, from 8-13 April 2018. Early registration deadline is 1 March:

i. EGU has allowed for late submissions until 18 January 13:00 CET. Abstracts must be submitted to, and then by, the session convener, following a strict protocol. See last item on page:

If you would like to submit an abstract, please consider one of the PAGES working group sessions. Full details:

2k Network - CL1.02: Studying the climate of the last two millennia
Floods Working Group & Extremes IA - CL1.03: Flood and weather extremes of the past
CoralHydro2k - CL1.08: Tropical coral archives – Reconstructions of climate and environment beyond the instrumental record at society-relevant timescales
CVAS - IE2.1/NP3.4/AS1.8/CL2.08/CR1.9/OS1.20/ST4.7: Climate Variability Across Scales and Climate States
CVAS - SC1.25/NP8.4: Scales and scaling in the climate system
DAPS - CL1.18: Proxy system modelling and data assimilation in paleoclimatology
PALSEA2 - IE2.4/NH5.7/CL4.18/GD11.7/OS2.14: Sea-Level Changes from Minutes to Millennia
VICS - IE2.3/AS3.10/CL4.22/GMPV6.4/NH2.2: Characterizing, understanding and predicting the radiative effects and the climatic impacts of major volcanic eruptions

ii. Calling all mentors! Are you a seasoned attendee of the EGU General Assembly? The EGU encourages you to sign up for the mentoring program to share your expertise with first timers. Deadline 31 January:

11. Future Earth updates

i. PAGES is pleased to be included in the Future Earth 2017 year in review. Products from the 2k Network and VICS working groups were chosen as highlights. Revisit some favorite stories and announcements to appear on the Future Earth website over the past 12 months:

ii. The first order draft (FOD) of the IPCC Methodology Report "2019 Refinement to the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories" is open for expert review until 11 February 2018. The expert review of the FOD is a key element of the IPCC assessment process, which helps ensure that the report provides a balanced and comprehensive assessment of the latest scientific findings.  The expert review process shall be objective, open and transparent, with a wide circulation that aims to involve as many independent experts as possible in the IPCC process, seeking a range of views, expertise, and geographical representation.  Being an expert reviewer allows you to comment on the accuracy and completeness of the scientific/technical/socio-economic content and the overall scientific/technical/socio-economic balance of the draft according to your own knowledge and experience. To become an expert reviewer, register online here and follow the instructions: You will have access to the FOD after registration.

iii. Future Earth is seeking nominations for members to join the Steering Committee of the Food-Energy-Water Nexus Knowledge-Action Network. Terms will begin in February 2018, and the deadline for nominations is 20 January. All details:

iv. Future Earth names Leena Srivastava and Johan Rockström as co-chairs of its new Advisory Committee:

12. WCRP updates

i. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is hiring a Chief Scientist/Director for its Research Department to manage the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP, co-sponsored by WMO, IOC/UNESCO and ICSU), the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP), the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Programme, and related projects. See the vacancy announcement for details and apply until 31 January:

ii. Read the CLIVAR January Bulletin:

13. Endorsed and affiliated groups updates

Historical Climatology: Environmental/climate historian Ruth Morgan reflects on her experiences at COP 23:

14. Other relevant information

i. PMIP update: PMIP organizers encourage all the modeling groups to start the PMIP4-CMIP6 simulations. The consolidation between PMIP activities and several PAGES working groups should bring new model data analyses in 2018. The new PMIP website will be ready soon:

ii. The 20th INQUA Congress will be held from 25-31 July 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. Deadline for proposals for scientific submissions/sessions is 31 March 2018:


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