Evidence of Change in Runoff/Erosion Rates in the Quebrada de Iruya, Argentina 1910 / 2001

May J-H


, 2005Credits:

1910 photo: Keidel, H. (1913) from Junge fluviatile Aufschüttungen in den nördlichen argentinischen Anden.

This illustrated example of historic changes in erosion and/or runoff rates comes from the Quebrada de Iruya, a deeply incised valley in the Eastern Cordillera of NW-Argentina (Province of Salta).

While the enormous incision - characteristic for most valleys in the entire northwest - is probably a result of drastic changes in temperature and precipitation regimes during the transition of postglacial to Holocene climates, the paired picture clearly emphasizes significant short-term changes in floodplain behaviour compared with the 1910 picture. 

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