PAGES 2nd YSM 2013: The Art of Reviewing - archival recording

Newton A, Rousseau D-D, Turney C & Reyes A

, 2013

In this archival recording a panel of science editors address questions relating to reviewing peer-reviewed journal articles.

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The panel for this YSM “The Art of Reviewing” session included:

- Alicia Newton, Editor of Nature Geoscience;

- Denis-Didier Rousseau, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Climate of the Past;

- Chris Turney, Asian and Australasian Regional Editor for the Journal of Quaternary Science;

- Moderator Alberto Reyes of Queen’s University, Ireland. 

The panel addressed many questions from the audience on various topics such as signing reviews vs. double-blind reviews and what editors expect in a good review.

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