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Latest entries
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The supra-long Scots pine tree-ring record for Finnish Lapland: Part 1, chronology construction and initial inferences
Special issue articles
Eronen M, Zetterberg P, Briffa KR, Lindholm M, Meriläinen J & Timonen M... The Holocene 2002
Low-frequency summer temperature variation in central Sweden since the tenth century inferred from tree rings
Special issue articles
Gunnarson BE & Linderholm HW The Holocene 2002
A 7400-year tree-ring chronology in northern Swedish Lapland: natural climatic variability expressed on annual to millennial timescales
Special issue articles
Grudd H, Briffa KR, Karlén W, Bartholin TS, Jones PD & Kromer B... The Holocene 2002
Relationships between circulation strength and the variability of growing-season and cold-season climate in northern and central Europe
Special issue articles
Jones PD, Briffa KR, Osborn TJ, Moberg A & Bergström H... The Holocene 2002
ADVANCE-10K: a European contribution towards a hemispheric dendroclimatology for the Holocene
Special issue articles
Briffa KR & Mathews JA The Holocene 2002
Modelling prehistoric land-use and carbon budgets: a critical review
Journal articles
Boyle JF, Gaillard M, Kaplan JO & Dearing JA The Holocene 2011
Holocene peatland carbon dynamics in the circum-Arctic region
Special issues
The Holocene 2014
Holocene peatland carbon dynamics in the circum-Arctic region: An introduction
Special issue articles
Yu Z, Loisel J, Charman DJ, Beilman DW & Camill P The Holocene 2014
A database and synthesis of northern peatland soil properties and Holocene carbon and nitrogen accumulation
Special issue articles
Loisel J, Yu Z, Beilman DW, Camill P, Alm J, Amesbury MJ, Anderson D, Andersson S, Bochicchio C, Bar... The Holocene 2014
Holocene carbon dynamics of boreal and subarctic peatlands from Québec, Canada
Special issue articles
Garneau M, van Bellen S, Magnan G, Beaulieu-Audy V, Lamarre A & Asnong H... The Holocene 2014
Climatic and autogenic control on Holocene carbon sequestration in ombrotrophic peatlands of maritime Quebec, eastern Canada
Special issue articles
Magnan G & Garneau M The Holocene 2014
Quantifying Holocene variability in carbon uptake and release since peat initiation in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada
Special issue articles
Packalen MS & Finkelstein SA The Holocene 2014
Peatland succession and long-term apparent carbon accumulation in central and northern Ontario, Canada
Special issue articles
Holmquist JR & MacDonald MM The Holocene 2014
Continental fens in western Canada as effective carbon sinks during the Holocene
Special issue articles
Yu Z, Vitt DH & Wieder RK The Holocene 2014
Relative importance of climatic and autogenic controls on Holocene carbon accumulation in a temperate bog in southern Ontario, Canada
Special issue articles
Shiller JA, Finkelstain SA & Cowling SA The Holocene 2014
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