International Young Scientists Global Change Conference 2003

Eds: Grosskurth J, Ross K & Alverson K

Global and Planetary Change, vol. 47(2-4), 79-322, 2005

This special issue emerged from the International Young Scientists Global Change Conference 2003 in Italy, co-sponsored by PAGES.

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> Introduction [p.81]
Ross K & Grosskurth J

> Deciphering the impact of change on the driftwood cycle: contribution to the study of human use of wood in the Arctic [p.83]
Alix C

> Gender-specific out-migration, deforestation and urbanization in the Ecuadorian Amazon [p.99]
Barbieri AF & Carr DL

> Modelling agricultural nitrogen contributions to the Jiulong River estuary and coastal water [p.111]
Cao W, Hong H & Yue S

> Living and dying with glaciers: people's historical vulnerability to avalanches and outburst floods in Peru [p.122]
Carey M

> Past 100 ky surface salinity-gradient response in the Eastern Arabian Sea to the summer monsoon variation recorded by δ18O of G. sacculifer [p.135]
Chodankar AR, Banakar VK & Oba T

> Measuring the economic impact of climate change on major South African field crops: a Ricardian approach [p.143]
Gbetibouo GA & Hassan RM

> Climatic and biological simulations in a two-way coupled atmosphere–biosphere model (CABM) [p.153]
Dan L, Ji J & Li Y

> Agricultural impacts on ecosystem functioning in temperate areas of North and South America [p.170]
Guerschman JP & Paruelo JM

> Phytochemical changes in leaves of subtropical grasses and fynbos shrubs at elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations [p.181]
Hattas D, Stock WD, Mabusela WT & Green IR

> An ecological economics framework for assessing environmental flows: the case of inter-basin water transfers in Lesotho [p.193]
Matete M & Hassan R

> Greenhouse gas emissions from a managed grassland [p.201]
Jones SK, Rees RM, Skiba UM & Ball BC

> Variability of reference evapotranspiration and water demands. Association to ENSO in the Maipo river basin, Chile [p.212]
Meza FJ

> Climate variability, vegetation productivity and people at risk [p.221]
Milesi C, Hashimoto H, Running SW & Nemani RR

> The use of a multilevel statistical model to analyze factors influencing land use: a study of the Ecuadorian Amazon [p.232]
Pan WKY & Bilsborrow RE

> Improving the methodology for assessing natural hazard impacts [p.253]
Patwardhan A & Sharma U

> Stabilization and global climate policy [p.266]
Sarofim MC, Forest CE, Reiner DM & Reilly JM

> Mitigation of climate change impacts on raptors by behavioural adaptation: ecological buffering mechanisms [p.273]
Wichmann MC, Groeneveld J, Jeltsch F & Grimm V

> Longitudinal variation of radial growth at Alaska's northern treeline—recent changes and possible scenarios for the 21st century [p.282]
Wilmking M & Juday GP

> Mid–late Holocene monsoon climate retrieved from seasonal Sr/Ca and δ18O records of Porites lutea corals at Leizhou Peninsula, northern coast of South China Sea [p.301]
Yu K-F, Zhao J-X, Wei G-J, Cheng X-R & Wang P-X

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