Varve Genesis, Chronology and Paleoclimate

Eds: Francus P, Ridge JC & Johnson MD

GFF - Journal of the Geological Society of Sweden, vol. 135(3-4), 229-339, 2013

A special issue, comprising 11 papers, by the Varves Working Group.

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> The rise of varves [p.229]
Francus P, Ridge JC & Johnson MD

> Compaction of recent varved lake sediments [p.231]
Maier DB, Rydberg J, Bigler C & Renberg I

> Seasonal formation of clastic-biogenic varves: the potential for palaeoenvironmental interpretations [p.237]
Ojala AEK, Kosonen E, Weckström J, Korkonen S & Korhola A

> Construction and validation of calendar-year time scale for annually laminated sediments – an example from Lake Szurpiły (NE Poland) Kinder M, Tylmann W, Enters D, Piotrowska N, Poreba G & Zolitschka B

> Revised ∼2000-year chronostratigraphy of partially varved marine sediment in Santa Barbara Basin, California [p.258]
Schimmelmann A, Hendy IL, Dunn L, Pak DK & Lange CB

> Minor element variations during the past 1300 years in the varved sediments of Lake Xiaolongwan, north-eastern China [p.265]
Chu G, Sun Q, Li S, Lin Y, Wang X, Xie M, Shang W, Li A & Yang K

> Glacial varves at Pärnu, south-western Estonia: a local varve chronology and proglacial sedimentary environment [p.273]
Hang T & Kohv M

> ANTEVS: a quantitative varve sequence cross-correlation technique with examples from the Northeastern USA [p.282]
Rayburn JA & Vollmer FW

> Varved glaciomarine clay in central Sweden before and after the Baltic Ice Lake drainage: a further clue to the drainage events at Mt Billingen [p.293]
Johnson MD, Kylander ME, Casserstedt L, Wiborgh H & Björck S

> Drainage varves, seismites and tsunamites in the Swedish Varve Chronology [p.308]
Mörner NA

> New insight into Saanich Inlet varved sediments (British Columbia, Canada) from micro-scale analysis of sedimentary facies and micro-XRF core scanning analyses [p.316]
Kanamaru K, Francus P, François R, Besonen M & Laj C


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