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On the geophysical processes impacting palaeo-sea-level observations
Journal articles
Yokoyama Y & Purcell A Geoscience Letters 2021
PALEO-SEAL: A tool for the visualization and sharing of Holocene sea-level data
Journal articles
Drechsel J, Khan N & Rovere A Quaternary Science Reviews 2021
Bayesian reconstruction of past land cover from pollen data: Model robustness and sensitivity to auxiliary variables
Journal articles
Pirzamanbein B, Poska A & Lindström J Earth and Space Science 2020
Anthropogenic Biomes: 10,000 BCE to 2015 CE
Journal articles
Ellis EC, Beusen AHW & Goldewijk KK Land 2020
A reconciled solution of Meltwater Pulse 1A sources using sea-level fingerprinting
Journal articles
Lin Y, Hibbert FD, Whitehouse PL, Woodroffe SA, Purcell A, Shennan I & Bradley SL... Nature Communications 2021
Common Era sea-level budgets along the U.S. Atlantic coast
Journal articles
Walker JS, Kopp RE, Shaw TA, Cahill N, Khan NS, Barber DC, Ashe EL, Brain MJ, Clear JL, Corbett DR &... Nature Communications 2021
Nonlinear landscape and cultural response to sea-level rise
Journal articles
Barnett RL, Charman DJ, Johns C, Ward SL, Bevan A, Bradley SL, Camidge K, Fyfe RM, Gehrels WR, Gehre... Science Advances 2020
The properties of annually laminated stalagmites ‐ a global synthesis
Journal articles
Baker A, Mariethoz G, Comas-Bru L, Hartmann A, Frisia S, Borsato A, Treble PC & Asrat A... Reviews of Geophysics 2021
Social resilience and its scale effects along the historical Tea-Horse Road
Journal articles
Yang LE, Chen J, Geng J, Fang Y & Yang W Environmental Research Letters 2021
Improving access to paleoclimate data
Journal articles
Kaushal N, Comas-Bru L, Lechleitner FA, Hatvani IG & Kern Z... Eos 2021
Assessing the use of mangrove pollen as a quantitative sea‐level indicator on Mahé, Seychelles
Journal articles
Sefton JP & Woodroffe SA Journal of Quaternary Science 2021
Carbon isotope constraints on glacial Atlantic meridional overturning: Strength vs depth
Journal articles
Muglia J & Schmittner A Quaternary Science Reviews 2021
Lower oceanic δ13C during the last interglacial period compared to the Holocene
Journal articles
Bengtson SA, Menviel LC, Meissner KJ, Missiaen L, Peterson CD, Lisiecki LE & Joos F... Climate of the Past 2021
A new global ice sheet reconstruction for the past 80 000 years
Journal articles
Gowan EJ, Zhang X, Khosravi S, Rovere A, Stocchi P, Hughes ALC, Gyllencreutz R, Mangerud J, Svendsen... Nature Communications 2021
Long-term global ground heat flux and continental heat storage from geothermal data
Journal articles
Cuesta-Valero FJ, García-García A, Beltrami H, González-Rouco JF & García-Bustamante E... Climate of the Past 2021
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