Natural Climate Variability and Global Warming: A Holocene Perspective

Eds: Battarbee R & Binney H

, 2008Publisher:


Number of pages: 288

This book is based on the keynote lectures delivered at the final meeting of the ESF-funded project on Holocene Climate Variability (HOLIVAR), held from 12-15 June 2006 in London, UK (

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Addresses our current understanding of natural climate change, its variability on decadal to centennial timescales, the extent to which climate models of different kinds simulate past variability, and the role of past climate variability in explaining changes to natural ecosystems and to human society over the later part of the Holocene. 

It also highlights the need to improve not only our understanding of the physical system through time but also to improve our knowledge of how people may have influenced the climate system in the past and have been influenced by it, both directly and indirectly. 

ISBN 978-1-4051-5905-0

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