The Climate of Past Interglacials

Eds: Sirocko F, Claussen M, Litt T & Sanchez-Goni MF

, 2007Publisher:


Number of pages: 638

This is synthesis book arising from DEKLIM, the German Climate Research Programme, which was endorsed by PAGES.

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This book focuses on revisiting the past to study climate and environment in a suite of experiments where boundary conditions are similar but not identical to today, so that we can learn about the climate-environment system, its sensitivity, thresholds and feedback.

It presents state-of-the-art science on new reconstructions from all spheres of the Earth System and their synthesis, on methodological advances, and on the current ability of numerical models to simulate low and high frequency changes of climate, environment, and chemical cycling related to interglacials.

Read the preface by T. Kiefer and C. Kull here.

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