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Dr. Carol Tadros

Palaeo-Environmental Scientist
Environment Research
Locked Bag 2001
2232 Kirrawee DC

  +61 2 9717 3506
  +61 422 884 246

  ECN Member

Expertise & Interests

Official PAGES function(s)        SISAL Oceania regional coordinator
PAGES interests        ECN, 2k Network, Speleothems - SISAL
Topics        Biogeochemical processes, Chronology, Climate variability, Extreme events, Interannual-decadal varaibility, Proxy development, Water
Timescales        Holocene, Last millennia, Observational period
Regions        Australasia
Archives        Instrumental records, Speleothems
Sector        Research
Discipline        Geochemistry, (Paleo)climatology
Computers        LaTex, Matlab, Unix



Tadros, C.V., Treble, P.C., Baker, A., Hankin, S., Roach, R., 2019. Cave drip water solutes in south-eastern Australia: Constraining sources, sinks and processes. Science of The Total Environment. 651:2175-2186.

Tadros, C.V., Crawford, J., Treble, P.C., Baker, A., Cohen, D.D., Atanacio, A.J., Hankin, S., Roach, R., 2018. Chemical characterisation and source identification of atmospheric aerosols in the Snowy Mountains, south-eastern Australia. Science of The Total Environment. 630: 432-443.

Tadros, C.V., Treble, P.C., Baker, A., Fairchild, I., Hankin, S., Roach, R., Markowska, M., McDonald, J., 2016. ENSO-cave drip water hydrochemical relationship: a 7-year dataset from south-eastern Australia. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 20: 4625-4640.

Tadros, C.V., Hughes, C.E., Crawford, J., Hollins, S.E. and Chisari, R., 2014. Tritium in Australian precipitation: A 50 year record. Journal of Hydrology. 513: 262-273.