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Mr. Ignacio A. Jara

Ignacio A. Jara

Postdoctorate Researcher
CEAZA Scientific Centre
Raul Bitrán 1305
1720256 La Serena
IV Region

  +56 9 8493 9595

  ECN Member

Expertise & Interests

Official functions (outside of PAGES)        Quaternary Paleoclimate
PAGES interests        ECN
Topics        Climate dynamics, Monsoon
Timescales        Holocene
Regions        Mid-latitude Southern Hemisphere, South America, Subtropics
Archives        Lake sediments, Pollen
Sector        Academia / Education, Outreach/Communication
Discipline        (Paleo)climatology, Palynology
Computers        BACON, Bayesian modeling, R
Laboratory        Charcoal, Pollen, Radionuclides



A 15,400-year long record of vegetation, fire-regime, and climate changes from the northern Patagonian Andes.
Ignacio A. Jara, Patricio I. Moreno, Brent V. Alloway, Rewi M. Newnham. Quaternary Science Reviews

Centennial-scale precipitation anomalies in the southern Altiplano (18° S) suggest an extra-tropical driver for the South American Summer Monsoon during the late Holocene.
Ignacio A. Jara, Antonio Maldonado, Leticia González, Armand Hernández, Alberto Sáez, Santiago Giralt, Roberto Bao, Blas Valero-Garcés. Climate of the Past.

Peat humification records from Restionaceae bogs in northern New Zealand as potential indicators of Holocene precipitation, seasonality, and ENSO.
Newnham, R.M., Hazell, Z.J., Charman, D.J., Lowe, D.J., Rees, A.B., Amesbury, M.J., Roland, T.P., Gehrels, M., van den Bos, V. and Ignacio A. Jara. Quaternary Science Reviews

An 18,000 year-long eruptive record from Volcán Chaitén, northwestern Patagonia: paleoenvironmental and hazard-assessment implications.
Brent V. Alloway, Nick J.G. Pearce, Patricio I. Moreno, Gustavo Villarosa, Ignacio Jara, Ricardo De Pol-Holz , and Valeria Outes. Quaternary Science Reviews.

Pollen-based temperature and precipitation records of the past 14,600 years in northern New Zealand (37°S) and their linkages with low- and high-latitude atmospheric circulation. Ignacio
A. Jara, Rewi M. Newnham, Brent V. Alloway, Janet M. Wilmshurst, Andrew B. H. Rees. The Holocene.

Holocene history of a raised bog, northern New Zealand, based on plant cuticles.
Carolin Haenfling, Rewi Newnham, Andrew Rees, Ignacio Jara, Aline Homes and Beverley Clarkson. The Holocene.

Pollen-climate reconstruction from northern South Island, New Zealand (41°S), reveals varying high- and low-latitude teleconnections over the last 16,000 years.
Ignacio A. Jara, Rewi M. Newnham, Marcus Vandergoes, Courtney Foster, David J. Lowe, Janet M. Wilmshurst, Patricio I. Moreno, James A. Renwick, Aline Homes. Journal of Quaternary Science.

Climatic and disturbance influences on the temperate rainforests of Northwestern Patagonia (40°S) since 14,500 cal yr BP.
Ignacio A. Jara, Patricio I. Moreno. Quaternary Science Review.

Temperate rainforest response to climate change and disturbance agents in Northwestern Patagonia (41°S) over the last 2600 years.
Ignacio A. Jara, Patricio I. Moreno. Quaternary Research.