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Dr. Deirdre Ryan

Postdoctoral Researcher
MARUM Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences
University of Bremen


  ECN Member

Expertise & Interests

PAGES interests        ECN, PALSEA, PAGES-PMIP group on Quaternary Interglacials - QUIGS, Former WG - Past Interglacials - PIGS
Topics        Chronology, Climate variability, Data Stewardship, Extreme events, Proxy development, Sea level and coastal processes
Timescales        Holocene, Pleistocene
Regions        Global
Archives        Geomorphology
Sector        Research
Discipline        Chronology, Geomorphology
Computers        ArcGIS
Laboratory        Grain-size, Macrofossils, Microfossils (foraminifera, ostracods, etc)