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Dr. Tobias Schneider

Tobias Schneider

Climate System Research Center
University of Massachusetts
UMass Amherst Department of Geosciences
134 Morrill Science Center II
01003 Amherst

  +41 79 441 68 01

  ECN Member

Expertise & Interests

Official functions (outside of PAGES)        SNSF postdoctoral fellow
PAGES interests        ECN, 2k Network
Topics        Chronology, Climate variability, Floods, Proxy development
Timescales        Anthropocene (last 100 years), Holocene, Last millennia
Regions        Arctic, Europe, South America
Archives        Lake sediments
Sector        Academia / Education, Research
Discipline        Chronology, Geochemistry, (Paleo)climatology, (Paleo)limnology, Sedimentology
Computers        ArcGIS, BACON, CLAM, R
Laboratory        Geochemistry, Grain-size, Macrofossils, Magnetic susceptibility, Microfossils (foraminifera, ostracods, etc), XRF



Arcusa, S. H.*, Schneider, T., Mosquera, P.V., Vogel, H., Kaufman, D., Szidat, S., Grosjean, M**. (2020). Late Holocene tephrostratigraphy from Cajas National Park, southern Ecuador. Andean Geology 47(3), doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.5027/andgeoV47n3-3301

Schneider, T., Hampel, H., Mosquera, P.V., Tylmann, T., Grosjean, M**. (2018). Paleo-ENSO revisited: Ecuadorian Lake Pallcacocha does not reveal a conclusive El Niño signal. Global and Planetary Change 168, p. 54-66, doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gloplacha.2018.06.004

Schneider, T., Rimer, D.*, Butz, C., Grosjean, M**. (2018). A high-resolution pigment and productivity record from the varved Ponte Tresa basin (Lake Lugano, Switzerland) since 1919: insight from an approach that combines hyperspectral imaging and high-performance liquid chromatography. Journal of Paleolimnology 60, p. 381-398, doi: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10933-018-0028-x

Bandowe, B. A. M., Fränkl, L.*, Grosjean, M.**, Tylmann, W., Mosquera, P. V., Hampel, H., Schneider, T. (2018). A 150-year record of polycyclic aromatic compound (PAC) deposition from high Andean Cajas National Park, southern Ecuador. Science of the Total Environment 621, p. 1652-1663, doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.10.060

De Jong, R.**, Schneider, T., Hernández-Almeida, I., Grosjean, M.** (2016). Recent temperature trends in the South Central Andes reconstructed from sedimentary chrysophyte stomatocysts in Laguna Escondida (1742 m a.s.l., 38°28 S, Chile). Global and Planetary Change 137, p. 24-34, doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gloplacha.2015.12.006

* co-supervised students; ** my supervisor